Street Outlaws star Cali Nate dies in a fatal car crash

Nathan Schaldach up close
Nathan “Cali Nate” Schaldach died in a car accident. Pic credit: Cali Nate/Facebook

The Street Outlaws community is reeling from the devastating news of the untimely death of beloved star Cali Nate, known off-screen as Nathan Schaldach, following a fatal street race accident. 

His partner, Courtney Marie Paulshock, confirmed the shocking news in a heartfelt statement shared on social media.

“Nate wrecked the Z at Eagle Pass. Waylon and Garrett stayed with him every moment. They got him to the hospital, and they just couldn’t save him. Those are all of the details I’m giving,” Paulshock revealed in her statement. 

She continued, “He gets to see his mother and sister again, and I know that made him so happy. He went out doing what he loved. And as racers, and racers’ better halves, we know that risk every time they strap in.”

Paulshock expressed deep sorrow and honored Nate’s exceptional character, reflecting on their shared plans and the life they had recently built together. 

She described Nate as her everything, acknowledging the profound love and blessing of having him in her life every day.

“Nate was my person, my soul mate, my world.. I didn’t have enough time.. But on the other hand, no amount of time would have been long enough. And I was truly BLESSED to know the kind of love that Nathan gave me and showed me on a daily basis.”

Cali Nate appeared in the Street Outlaws series; Tributes pour in

Cali Nate was widely recognized for appearing on the long-running reality television series Street Outlaws, which aired for 15 seasons on the Discovery Channel. His passion for street racing and vibrant personality endeared him to fans worldwide.

As the Street Outlaws family mourns the loss of one of their own, tributes and condolences pour in from fans and fellow racers, honoring Cali Nate’s memory and impact both on and off the screen.

He appeared in Street Outlaws: Fastest in America: Season 4, Episode 3, Cali Nate’s Secret Weapon.

Fans of the street racing community paid tribute to Nate, with one sharing a photo and video, describing his death as a “sad day” for the sport. 

The vehicle customization shop where he worked, Frankenstein Engine Dynamics, paid tribute to Nate, describing him as a “fearless racer” and offered condolences to his family in a Facebook post. 

Street Outlaw Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington paid tribute to the late racer on Instagram.

Cali Nate was involved in a car accident in 2020

In 2020, Nate experienced a single-car accident at Arkansas’s Prescott Raceway.

As reported by Drag Zine, Schaldach attributed the incident to a potential throttle malfunction, speculating that the throttle may have remained open after he attempted to control the car, resulting in it colliding with the wall and ultimately overturning onto its side. 

Schaldach suffered broken ribs but recovered from his injuries. 

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