Street Outlaws Season 8 burns some serious rubber

Big Chief in footage from the Season 8 of Street Outlaws on Discovery
Big Chief in footage from Season 8 of Street Outlaws on Discovery

Street Outlaws Season 8 is here with new rules, new cars — and a serious dose of rubber-burning in store for fans.

The competition among Oklahoma City’s street racers has never been more fierce as the drivers aim to hit the the No1 spot in the city’s Top 10 racers List.

There are plenty of familiar faces returning but new rules mean some of the most renowned 405 drivers now have to start from the bottom and try and make their way up.

The first episode of the season, titled Where the Streets Have No Name, sees Daddy Dave compete for the ten spot in his own vehicle, while Farmtruck and AZN take on each other and Doc and Shawn also put the pedal to the metal in a head-to-head race.

This season Farmtruck gets back onto the List for the first time in a long, long time — taking on pretty much anything, including a monster truck and even an actual jet.

Meanwhile, Big Chief and Daddy Dave are both at the bottom of the List hoping to grapple their way up.

Doc and Monza spent the off-season shaving 1,000lb off their cars in a bid to be competitive against the pro-mods.

And Brian ‘Chucky’ Davis, of Detroit is back, but not everybody’s keen to race him after his smash with Chief.

There’s also a never-seen-before team race-off with teams from New York, Detroit and California vying for the top spot.

Street Outlaws Season 8 preview

Street Outlaws airs Mondays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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