Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard was stalked by adult fans when he was just 13

actor finn wolfhard of stranger things
Actor Finn Wolfhard says he was stalked by adult fans at age 13. Pic credit: Hasegawa/

The 80s-inspired sci-fi, horror, and drama series Stranger Things has been immensely popular with fans after three seasons of thrilling adventures.

With a fourth season on the way, the series will continue to enjoy popularity, thanks to pop culture references, aliens, and the quirky-but-cool kids that are amongst the cast.

Just recently, Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard opened up about his experiences based on becoming more popular as a result of the hit Netflix series, saying that he’s even been stalked on multiple occasions by adult fans.

Finn Wolfhard gains popularity in IT, Stranger Things roles

Young actor Finn Wolfhard has risen in popularity through Netflix and movies. His resume has included several roles where his character is stalked on screen.

In Stranger Things, Wolfhard’s Mike Wheeler and friends are in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, and often find themselves being tracked or hunted by nefarious organizations or beings from other dimensions.

That includes the Demogorgon and the Mindflayer, two creatures one wouldn’t ever want to have on their trail.

In the horror movie It, based on Stephen King’s classic horror novel, Wolfhard is once again a child being stalked, this time by a menacing clown named Pennywise who preys on children’s fears.

Wolfhard, who plays Richie Tozier, was also in the sequel It Chapter 2, appearing in flashback scenes with actor Bill Hader playing the character as an adult.

He’ll appear in yet another movie where scary things may stalk him. Wolfhard is amongst the stars of the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife film slated for release on July 10, 2020.

While Wolfhard probably had a few instances where the moments of filming felt “real,” there was always the return to his “regular” life.

Unfortunately, life isn’t always so regular for a star. Even though kids might enjoy stardom, it can become difficult at times.

Wolfhard recalls being stalked at age 13

Scarier than being stalked by a terrifying clown or the creatures on Stranger Things is being stalked in real life. Wolfhard says he was stalked at age 13 by adult fans, trying to get closer to him for a selfie or whatnot.

He told Mastermind magazine (via EW report) about an incident where he was followed to his home not long after his Netflix show was out.

“When I was 13, some adults followed me back to my condo when I was shooting It,” Wolfhard said in his interview.

“Stranger Things had just come out, and I was by myself. As I walked faster, they walked faster, and I was getting a bit antsy by the time I got to the door. Suddenly, they were like, ‘Hey, dude, can we get a selfie?’ And I was like, ‘No you can’t have a selfie! How about don’t follow children?'”

He also said in a separate incident that he had his “taxi followed and, out of the taxi, the person continued to be pretty relentless.”

Additionally, he said being part of the band Calpurnia has led to them having to stop some shows due to fans getting crushed.

It goes to show that becoming a famous child star can be a scary and challenging thing to navigate.

Luckily, Wolfhard has seemed to handle situations well, avoid any real problems, and is continuing to succeed.

Stranger Things season 4 arrives at a TBA date on Netflix in 2020.

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