Soulja Boy Gucci tattoo: Before boycott, rapper repped Gucci on his forehead in ink

Soulja Boy at the Boohoo X Jordyn Woods Fashion Event, Neuehouse, Hollywood, CA
Soulja Boy has been a big fan of Gucci in the past. Pic credit: ©

In the past, Soulja Boy has been a big fan of the Gucci brand. So much so that when the Crank That was just 18 years old, he had the Gucci logo tattooed on his forehead.

That was a long time ago and Soulja Boy hasn’t been rocking that Gucci tattoo anymore. He had it removed in 2015 in an effort to help his movie career.

It was a small tattoo but Soulja Boy’s Gucci tattoo sat right between his eyebrows and was literally the centerpiece of his face before he opted to have the ink lasered off.

Ever since, he’s still been riding hard for Gucci up until recently, even wearing a Gucci headband where his tattoo used to be.

However, since the latest luxury brand blackface scandal, Soulja Boy has joined T.I. in boycotting Gucci. On Instagram, he took aim at the brand, telling his fans that he’ll no longer be rocking a Gucci headband.

In a video posted to Instagram, Soulja Boy exclaimed that “Gucci is canceled” while wearing a Fendi outfit with a matching Fendi headband in place of the Gucci headbands he’s become known for.

Soulja Boy says he is “shocked and appalled” by the Gucci blackface scandal and says he’ll only be rocking Fendi headbands from now on.

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