Singer Trey Songz accused of being a ‘rapist’ by basketball player Dylan Gonzalez

Trey Songz Dylan Gonzalez
R&B singer Trey Songz, who has faced allegations of sexual assault in the past, and Dylan Gonzalez. Pic credit: ©

Singer Trey Songz is facing another sexual assault allegation — after New Orleans Gators basketball player Dylan Gonzalez accused the singer of being a ‘rapist.’

In November 2021, the 37-year-old R&B star was involved in a sexual assault investigation following an alleged incident at The Cosmopolitan resort hotel in Las Vegas, according to TMZ.

Additionally, he was accused of sexual assault by a woman who attended a club with Songz following a New Year’s Eve party at rapper Diddy’s home on New Year’s Day in 2018.

The Heart Attack singer has also faced domestic violence and sexual intimidation claims in the past.

Dylan Gonzalez calls Trey Songz a ‘rapist’

“Trey Songz is a rapist,” Gonzalez wrote on Twitter, continuing: “Lord forgive me I Couldn’t hold that in another year. See you in 2022.”

Gonzalez did not give any further details or specify who she claims is the victim of the alleged crime.

At the time of writing, Songz had not responded to the allegation.

Trey Songz hit back at some previous accusations

Actress Keke Palmer was trending on Twitter yesterday after Dylan Gonzalez’s accusations against him led to a 2017 Breakfast Club interview resurfacing.

It saw Palmer accuse Songz of “sexual intimidation” after she claimed he coerced her into appearing in his music video Pick Up the Phone.

At the time, Trey responded on Twitter, writing: “Babygirl buggin. Point blank period. Got my number, coulda called, saw the cameras and the lights, heard action.”

trey songz' tweet from jan. 2017
Pic credit:@TreySongz/Twitter

In 2020, socialite Celina Powell accused the singer of sexual assault and holding her hostage in a hotel bathroom. Trey responded to the accusations in a series of tweets.

“I usually stay quiet on this, but I feel that in many ways the movement to fight for the women who actually have suffered harassment and abuse on various levels, has been hijacked by those who find it convenient for themselves to come up as they seek to destroy someone’s life,” he wrote.

trey songz' tweet from aug 2020
Pic credit:@TreySongz/Twitter

The singer also shared texts about an unnamed accuser who sued him for $10 million for allegedly sexually assaulting her in a Miami nightclub following a party at Diddy’s house. In April, he settled the lawsuit with Jane Doe.

“Y’all remember Jane Doe claimed I sexually assaulted her in Miami? She wants me to pay for her therapy and the rest of her school cause of “all the trauma she’s been through.” Pls read”

Trey Songz recently shared a Christmas message to his more than 13 million followers on Instagram, sharing pictures of his son and family.

Trey Songz is a singer and actor who has sold over 25 million records with hit singles such as Bottoms Up, Can’t Help but Wait and Say Aah.

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