Simon Rex confirms Meghan Markle story, says he framed Thank You note

simon rex thank you note
Simon Rex says he framed Meghan’s Thank You note. Pic credit: © Elliot/AdMedia

Simon Rex has reiterated his admission that he turned down $70,000 from British tabloids to lie about an affair with Meghan Markle.

Rex, 47, made international headlines last week when he spoke about the bizarre offer he received during an interview.

A few days later, Rex retweeted a screenshot of his comments from Royal Family gossip account, Royal Suitor, further confirming the story.

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Over the years, Rex’s story has changed regarding his relationship with Markle. Rex initially said in interviews that he had a casual dating relationship.

Depending on which account you read, the relationship either didn’t flourish because Markle found out about his past as an adult entertainer or because during his date, he had bad breath.

In his most recent interview, Rex now says that he and Markle grabbed lunch once in an extremely platonic way. The pair met in 2005 while filming a sitcom named Cuts.

Rex is best known for his appearances in two installments of the Scary Movie franchise and his time as an MTV host in the 1990s.

Rex complimented Markle on her penmanship

During his interview with The Guardian, Rex said he would have rather gone on food stamps than take the $70,000 for lying about an affair. He told the outlet that Markle sent him a thank you note that read, “She said: ‘It’s nice to know there are still good people.’”

Rex added that he framed the note and that it now hangs in his home in Joshua Tree, California. In retweeting Royal Suitor’s message, Rex wrote, “This is true. And I framed the thank you letter she wrote me. She has very nice penmanship btw.”

In 2020, Rex sought to clear up all of the rumors involving Markle by telling the Hollywood Raw podcast, “Well, I’ll clear it up ― it wasn’t really dating her. We hung out one time because we did a TV show together, and nothing happened. We never even kissed. It was just, like, we hung out once in a very non-dating way, but you know how words can get spun into ‘We dated.’”

Rex added, “I said no to a lot of money because I didn’t feel right lying and f***ing up the Royal f*****g Family.”

Recently, Rex has been receiving rave reviews for his role in Red Rocket

More recently, Rex has received rave reviews and an Independent Spirt Award for his role in the movie Red Rocket.

The movie’s plot revolves around an adult film star, played by Rex, who returns to the small town where he grew up. Sadly, Rex said that he didn’t get to keep the prosthetic penis that he used in the movie.

Red Rocket | Official Trailer HD | A24

Rex told People Magazine, “I don’t think that was an option, but it will be in a museum one day.”

One review of Red Rocket said of Rex’s performance, “The still-handsome porn star has a personality that won’t quit. He badgers, woos, embraces, and begs everyone who could possibly be a stepping stone to something. Rex is extremely good at playing that desperation. You can see through his act; you just can’t overestimate his determination.”

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