Camilla Parker Bowles has replaced Meghan Markle in National Theater role

camilla parker bowles national theatre
Camilla Parker Bowles has taken one of her daughters-in-law’s jobs. Pic credit: ©

Camilla Parker Bowles has put her daughter-in-law out of work. On Friday, it was announced that the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker Bowles will replace Meghan Markle as the Patron of the National Theater in London.

Prince Harry was earlier stripped of his patronage of England’s rugby union and league federations. That role was taken over by Kate Middleton, the prince’s sister-in-law.

Meghan is still the royal patron for the Smart Works Charity, a charity that helps women who are seeking jobs, and and an animal charity named Mayhew. In 2021, it was reported that neither Meghan nor Harry would be stripped of any of their roles.

In February 2022, the National Theater said in a statement that Meghan was stepping away from her role. The theater thanked her for her role.

Figures within the theater were ‘split’ over whether or not Meghan should be removed from her role

The Daily Mirror reported at the time that powerful figures within the theater were split over whether or not Meghan should be removed from her role.

In announcing that Bowles was taking over the role with the National Theater, the theater’s director Rufus Norris said in a statement, “The Duchess shares our belief that theatre enriches our lives in so many ways and that everyone should have access to the arts and creativity no matter where they are in the world. The Duchess has shown great support to our industry throughout the pandemic, and I look forward to working with Her Royal Highness for many years to come.”

Camilla was reportedly very upset that Meghan got the role with the theater back in 2019

When Meghan was named to the role with the theater in 2019, The London Times quoted a royal source saying that the appointment upset Camilla. The source was quoted as saying that Camilla “really wanted it. She was pretty miffed when it went to Meghan.”

That wasn’t the first time that Camilla and Meghan had beef. In March 2020, The Daily Mail reported that Camilla was angry at Meghan after the Duchess of Sussex released photos from the National Theater on the same day that Duchess of Cornwall gave a speech at a domestic abuse survivors’ charity. According to the report, Camilla felt as though Meghan was trying to upstage her.

In January of the same year, The Daily Mail reported that Meghan was seen leaving the theater just hours before she and Harry shocked the world by announcing that they were stepping away from royal duties.

The Huffington Post reports that Meghan is expected to release the first episode of her podcast this summer with Spotify after signing a million dollar deal with the streaming giant. While Prince Harry is still working on his memoir.

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Wendy West
Wendy West
2 years ago

Harry and MM shouldn’t have any roles…be stripped of their titles as well.