Shay Mitchell gender reveal: Watch the hilarious and very unique way Shay and Matte learned if they were having a boy or girl

Shay Mitchell at the gender reveal
Shay Mitchell at the gender reveal. Pic credit: Shay Mitchell/YouTube.

Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars recently broke the news that she was expecting her first baby with boyfriend Matte Babel. And now, the star has finally revealed the sex of the baby in a hilarious (and trending!) YouTube video.

The Pretty Little Liars star is shown going to the doctor to confirm their baby’s gender. She says that her assistant knows and not to tell her which sex she’ll be expecting.

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After going home, she and Matte set up their camera and poll their close friends and family, asking if they’ll have a boy or girl. While a girl wins, Shay tells her audience she’s convinced she’s having a boy and that having a girl would be “karma.”

Finally, two of her friends emerge from her home dressed in Power Ranger suits, one in pink and one in blue. At first, the Blue Ranger emerges, which makes Shay think she’s expecting a boy.

But, the pair fight it out in the backyard for several minutes before the pink Power Ranger is victorious!

Matte exclaims he’s not ready, and Shay says that she wasn’t expecting it,  but now the couple can confirm they’ll be welcoming a girl later on in the year.

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