Shawn Mendes shows off major gym gains post-workout

Shawn Mendes smiling
Shawn Mendes looked fantastic after the gym. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Shawn Mendes has been looking better than ever lately.

The Canadian pop star has been focusing on the gym, and it has clearly paid off.  

The Treat You Better singer left a West Hollywood gym looking toned as ever.

He wore a white ribbed vest that he paired with black basketball shorts.

Shawn turned up the heat during his publight sighting as he kept his gray shirt in his hand – but he stayed hydrated, too, keeping his water bottle with his shirt.

He kept his outfit simple and accessorized it with crew socks and beige tennis shoes.  

Shawn Mendes in the parking lot
Pic credit: BACKGRID

Workout like Shawn Mendes

For those wanting to get results like Shawn, it doesn’t come easy. Josh Adamson, co-owner of LIFT – Corktown gym gave Buzzfeed a full breakdown of the pop star’s conditioning routine. 

Josh told the publication that he does strength training with Shawn four days a week as well as one or two conditioning sessions.  

For the warmup, each round starts with 10-calorie rows, cossack squats, hip circle monster walks, and half-kneeling dumbbell overhead presses.  

Afterward, he begins metabolic conditioning which includes five different exercises for 30 minutes. This section of the workout entails a 250-meter row, devil’s rows, 60-meter medicine ball, jump lunges, and ring rows.  

Lastly, he finishes his session with three rounds of 15-second sprints on the assault bike.  

Shawn Mendes used to skip sleep to workout  

While he seems dedicated now, Shawn Mendes was once obsessed with working out. When talking to British GQ, he admitted that he was only getting a few hours of sleep a night so he would have more time to work out.   

He believed that he had to be considered the pinnacle of fitness or else he would lose his fans.   

He admitted that he was able to find peace in his body by seeing how his now ex-girlfriend Camilla Cabello dealt with body shamers.  

He now incorporates journalling and meditation into his routine to maintain a healthy mindset.  

Shawn Mendez unveils his Martin Guitar  

While working out is a part of his life, music is Shawn’s passion. The singer recently unveiled his signature Martin Guitar. The guitar was crafted out of sustainable wood and recyclable materials. 

With the creation of the new guitar, Martin will also be making a donation to the Shawn’s Wonder of Music Program, located in Toronto. 

“I created this incredible program that will help children cope with their time in the hospital, both physically & mentally. Music is a form of therapy to me, and I am honored to help others benefit from its power as well.” 

The guitar being a limited edition is not only a great collector’s item but comes with a good cause.

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