Sharon Osbourne denounces popular cosmetic procedure after it made her ‘look like a cyclops’

sharon osbourne
Sharon Osbourne regrets a procedure. Pic credit: © Thompson/Admedia

Sharon Osbourne has always been open about her affinity for plastic surgery. 

Throughout the years, Sharon has undergone numerous procedures in an attempt to stop the aging process and preserve her looks.

The opinionated wife of Ozzy Osbourne has never been one to shy away from the truth — she readily discusses her cosmetic enhancements.

Sharon has become somewhat of an unofficial expert in cosmetic surgery thanks to her experience. 

However, her most recent facelift took things in a direction that left even this seasoned pro feeling off-balance.

Sharon faced a setback following her most recent facelift procedure. The operation left her looking, in her words, like a “cyclops.”

Sharon Osbourne shares unpleasant cosmetic surgery experience

Sharon discussed her 2021 facelift, which turned her off from plastic surgery.

She told The Sunday Times about the procedure and detailed the less-than-desirable effects.

Sharon revealed, “That [face lift] put me off and it frightens me, I really f*****g pushed it with the last facelift.”

The Osbournes star admitted that time was against her, and she pushed her luck with the facelift.

Sharon said her intense facelift procedure took five and a half hours.

She even discussed the adverse effects with her surgeon.

She continued, “I’m telling you, it was horrendous. [To the surgeon] I’m, like, ‘You’ve got to be f****g joking.'”

Then, Sharon detailed how her facelift caused her to look distorted.

Sharon explained, “One eye was different [from] the other. I looked like a f****g Cyclops. I’m, like, ‘All I need is a hunchback.'”

The facelift wasn’t the only time Sharon was displeased with a surgical procedure.

She famously reversed her gastric bypass after only seven years.

Sharon Osbourne’s many surgeries

Sharon has admitted to several cosmetic surgeries, including a breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, and facelifts. 

The television personality firmly believes in taking control of one’s appearance and owning her choices.

One of Sharon’s most notable surgeries was her gastric bypass operation.

She had the procedure in 1999 after publicly struggling with her weight for years.

However, Sharon had the lap band removed in 2006.

Sharon spoke to Entertainment Tonight via The Daily Mail to reveal why she reversed the procedure.

She admitted, “I felt like such a cheat when I had that band on my stomach. It makes you vomit the whole time. Nothing goes down because it goes out.”

Sharon decided to take an old-fashioned approach after removing her lap band. She started the Atkins Diet and kept off the weight.

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