Shaq comments on Pete Davidson’s ‘cold’ texts to Kanye West and tattoo he got for Kim Kardashian

Shaquille O'Neal celebrates launch of his new mens jewelry line with Zales
Shaquille O’Neal has weighed in on the Kanye West and Pete Davidson text message exchange. Pic credit: ©

The feud between rapper Kanye West and Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson that emerged over the past several months has many people giving their thoughts about the ongoing drama online. That drama included Kanye’s Instagram posts and his perceived threats toward Davidson in songs and a music video.

The 44-year-old rapper has been much quieter recently, following a 24-hour suspension from Instagram and a ban from performing at the Grammy Awards in early April. However, Davidson’s new tattoo recently caught attention online, which is all about Kanye’s ex, Kim Kardashian.

Davidson’s text message responses to Kanye a few weeks ago also caught attention, as he bragged to West about being with his wife, among other things. Among those recently weighing in on the ongoing situation is Shaquille O’Neal, who commented about the Kanye and Davidson text exchange that surfaced online.

Shaq says Pete Davidson was ‘cold’ with shirtless selfie text to Kanye

Fresh off his 50th birthday, NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal was back on The Big Podcast with Shaq, along with co-hosts Nischelle Turner and Spice Adams. They spoke about various topics related to the NBA, including the G.O.A.T. debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan, as well as the Lakers’ chances at making the playoffs.

After some basketball conversation, things shifted to the hot topic of Kanye West, Pete Davidson, and Kim Kardashian, with discussion of those texts that Davidson sent to Kanye, where he informed the rapper he was “in bed” with Ye’s wife, along with a shirtless selfie.

Spice Adams commented about Kanye going after Davidson on Instagram, saying he’s making himself look worse since Pete doesn’t have social media. Nischelle brought up the shirtless selfie that Pete sent to Kanye.

“That was cold,” Shaq said on the podcast, although Spice and Nischelle commented that they don’t blame Davidson for it after all Kanye’s been doing.

“When you put your personal stuff on social media, you want attention… Pete’s a monster. Kanye said, ‘What you doin’?’ he said, ‘I’m in bed with your wife.'” Shaq said. “Was that fighting words, or is that penitentiary words? I’m just asking.”

While those text messages included Pete trying to set up a private face-to-face so he and Kanye could talk things over, West refused Davidson’s invite. Instead, he invited Davidson to show up at his public Sunday Service event. In addition, Davidson suggested he could assist West in getting help with mental health, but also said he’d stop being nice if Kanye kept up his antics toward himself and Kim.

Shaq discusses Pete Davidson’s new tattoo and D.L. Hughley

During the discussion about Pete, Kanye, and Kim, Nischelle also brought up how Pete “branded” himself with a new tattoo for Kim, saying, “My girl is a lawyer.” Shaq wasn’t aware of that part of the ongoing situation, but said it seemed that Kim had Pete hooked on her.

Nischelle asked Shaq and Spice if they’d ever get a woman’s name branded on them. Shaq ignored the question, while Spice suggested he’d never want his significant other to do that for him, and he wouldn’t do it either.

“Great answer, Spice. That right there was the MMA- the Married Man Answer,” Shaq joked with Spice, adding, “The answer’s no, Nischelle.”

In addition to the above topics, they brought up how West got banned from performing at the Grammy Awards. Nischelle said she doesn’t quite agree with the Recording Academy’s decision to ban him from performing, but felt he’s been out of line overall.

Shaq also commented about how rapper Theophilus London went after comedian D.L. Hughley and tried to get him to apologize to Kanye.

“Listen, D.L. belongs to a certain fraternity. He ain’t no punk. Let’s get that twisted right now. Second, he’s from LA. Third of all, he knows some people,” Shaq said, adding that London was “clout chasing.”

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