Sebastian Stan hasn’t seen Spider-Man: No Way Home: jokes that it’s due to playful feud with Tom Holland

Red carpet image of Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan made a playful jab about Tom Holland. Pic credit: ©

Just like old times, looks like there’s trouble in the Avengers Compound. Marvel’s Winter Soldier actor Sebastian Stan made a playful jab at Tom Holland’s latest Spider-Man movie, reigniting their old feud.

Fans of the two actors know that they are known to insult one another’s skills and movies during interviews and press opportunities. This has happened on talk shows and at conventions, usually involving Falcon actor Anthony Mackie.

This all started back in 2016 when Stan and Mackie were paired for the Captain America: Civil War press trail. In an interview, they poked fun at Tom’s age and called him a diva.

After going back and forth for the past few years, followed by some momentary silence, it looks like Stan is ready to stir the pot.

Stan refuses to see Spider-Man: No Way Home

While doing press for his upcoming Spy movie The 355, Stan was asked about his reaction to Spider-Man: No Way Home. Getting straight to the point, the actor shared that he hasn’t caught the three-qual because he “hasn’t managed to go to a theater yet” — an unfortunate sentiment shared by many fans, given Spider-Man: No Way Home’s theatrical-only release.

He went on to express that he is in support of the movie because of its nostalgic factors. Stan said, “I do want to see it because I love the idea that it brings back all these characters from the past and just seeing all of them are going to interact in that one movie.”

Getting in a quick laugh, the 39-year-old actor added, “But I typically don’t like to support Tom Holland, so it’s difficult. I support the films, but not him so much.”

Trailer for Pam & Tommy wows everybody

While Stan is currently hitting the press trails for The 355, which premieres on January 7, his involvement in the Hulu miniseries Pam & Tommy has been taking up all of the attention. The actor stars as the title character Tommy Lee from Mötley Crüe in this upcoming comedy-drama.

Since its first look, fans have been gushing about how Stan looks unrecognizable in his costume, rocking black hair and tattoos. His costar Lily James has gotten similar praise for her transformation into global sex icon Pamela Anderson.

The full-length trailer for the upcoming series was dropped on January 5, showcasing Stan and James as their respective characters, as well as Seth Rogan and Nick Offerman in their sleazy roles. The show will tell the real-life story of Lee and Anderson’s leaked sex tape and the damage that followed.

Check out Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan playfully poking fun at Tom Holland below.

Pam & Tommy premieres February 2 on Hulu.

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