Ryan Reynolds seemingly supports Deadpool and Peacemaker crossover

ryan reynolds as deadpool and john cena as peacemaker
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and John Cena as Peacemaker. Pic credit: 20th Century Studios/HBO Max

An unlikely crossover featuring two of the more blatantly obnoxious and ultra-violent superheroes around seems to have full support from Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds is well known as Marvel superhero Deadpool, the wise-cracking “Merc with a Mouth” that has appeared in two movies thus far.

John Cena made his debut as the bold and brutal Peacemaker in James Gunn’s Suicide Squad film, and that performance spawned a solo series for Cena as the character on HBO Max.

Now, Reynolds appears to be cosigning after a fan asked James Gunn for a crossover featuring the two popular heroes with no filter.

Ryan Reynolds wants Peacemaker-Deadpool crossover

In a hilarious Instagram Story share on Sunday, actor Ryan Reynolds reshared similar images of Peacemaker and Deadpool bent over. Cena’s Peacemaker is firing away with a weapon and has his catchphrase from WWE, “You can’t see me!” written in a cartoonish caption above him.

Below him is an image of Deadpool bent over and looking back between his legs.

“Actually, John. I can,” a cartoon bubble over Reynolds’ costumed character reads.

He also jokes he can help Cena to unlock his hips thanks to Yoga. Just below that, Ryan Reynolds is tagged alongside James Gunn and John Cena.

“What If? Crossover?? @jamesgunn @vancityrecords @johncena,” Reynolds’ IG Story slide said.

ryan reynolds supports deadpool and peacemaker crossover
Pic credit: @vancityreynolds/Instagram

Reynolds previously praised Peacemaker cameo

Just a day before his Instagram Story share suggesting a crossover for Deadpool and Peacemaker, Reynolds mentioned that he needed to “watch more @DCPeacemaker” due to one of the cameos he noticed.

In a screenshot of a scene featuring Cena’s character, Reynolds has circled a bottle of Aviation Gin, which the actor acquired a stake in back in 2018.

Director James Gunn double-checked with the props team to ensure that it was actually Aviation Gin and confirmed Reynolds’ find.

james gunn answers ryan reynolds tweet
Pic credit: @JamesGunn/Twitter

So at the very least, Reynolds had a cameo of sorts within the DC Universe, although it seems he wants it to be much more than his gin showing up near Cena’s Peacemaker. He’s also had some conversation with James Gunn recently, albeit about the placement of Aviation Gin as a prop.

Could a Deadpool and Peacemaker crossover happen?

It would be a wild crossover if two superhero worlds somehow merged. With Deadpool a Marvel superhero and Peacemaker part of the DC Universe, it seems highly unlikely.

James Gunn has made some incredible movie and television magic over the years, but he’d have to pull off miracles to get these two actors and their popular comic book characters to be in a movie or TV show.

In addition to that, Peacemaker currently has another crazy hero of sorts as his sidekick, with the hilarious Vigilante played by Freddie Stroma in the HBO Max series.

Fans last saw Reynolds as his character in Deadpool 2. A third movie was on the way until Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, which initially led to the cancelation of Deadpool 3. According to Collider, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige gave fans excitement when he shared that an R-rated Deadpool 3 movie was in the works, with filming expected to begin this year.

Maybe they could sneak in a Peacemaker reference in some way, shape, or form to tease the notion of a crazy crossover involving Cena and Reynolds’ characters.

Reynolds has rumored project with Cena

Ryan Reynolds has never worked with John Cena, although he has worked with John’s former WrestleMania opponent, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in last year’s Netflix thriller Red Notice.

Last year, We Got This Covered reported via “sources” that Reynolds was “looking to develop a high concept and original action-comedy” film alongside John Cena. That’s probably not the Peacemaker and Deadpool crossover, though.

There are probably many fans who would be on board for the two characters appearing in some sort of project, although comic book purists would probably loathe the idea.

The most recent comic book crossover that fans have seen in movies is Spider-Man joining the Avengers in the MCU, despite Spidey being a Sony Pictures property. However, that all involved Marvel, not characters from two rival comic book publishers.

It’s always possible Deadpool and Peacemaker could appear together on stage at an event in costume or in some sort of random advertisement or appearance. At the very least, they could cross paths at a Comic-Con event in the future to make an iconic moment, or Reynolds will jokingly reference Cena’s popular character in his next Deadpool film.

Peacemaker episodes arrive Thursdays on HBO Max.

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