Royal fans are calling King Charles’ new portrait ‘hideous’ and ‘grim’

King Charles at a random event.
King Charles had a new portrait unveiled and royal fans are not impressed. Pic credit: ©

In this tumultuous year of King Charles battling cancer and having to take a step back from his regular duties, the King sat for a vital portrait that will be hung in Draper’s Hall in London.

This first official portrait of himself, commissioned by The Draper’s Company, was painted by Jonathan Yeo and unveiled just as the King returned to work.

Visit London called The Draper’s Company, formed in 1361 as a “trade association of cloth and wool merchants.” The hall is open for events but not open to the public viewing.

The portrait, which the BBC has described, is a “vivid red work, measuring about 8ft 6in by 6ft 6in.” In the large painting, The King holds a sword, and a butterfly lands on his shoulder.

The adage says that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this new portrait proves divisive among royal fans.

The BBC quoted Queen Camilla as saying, “Yes, you’ve got him,” to the painter Jonathan Yeo.

Fans have a different view of the portrait and have not held back those feelings on social media.

Fans call the King Charles portrait ‘grim’ and ‘hideous’

With its vivid red colors, this portrait has fans remarking that it is”different” and “Not a style I’m used to viewing. I’m not an art expert, and so, therefore, will reserve criticism and judgment.” That fan pointed out it would look wonderful in Draper’s Hall; perhaps they should add “out of the way, in a closet” to their quote.

Another fan said, “No offense, but that is a grim portrait.” Most of the comments seem to agree with these fans. It is a dark portrait of King Charles.

It seems that fans do not like the painting’s style or color. It may be that the King scored a big miss for his first official portrait as King.

Royal fans react to the king's new portrait
Pic credit: @RoyalFamily/X

Another fan did not hold back with their view, saying, “It’s hideous -a blood bath!”

A Royal fan called the king's new portrait hideous
Pic credit: @RoyalFamily/X

King Charle’s portrait is not the first time Jonathan Yeo has painted a royal

Jonathan Yeo has been an accomplished artist for years and has even painted the late Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Phillip.

Fans’ backlash against the portrait could stem from its vivid coloring, which was absent in the other royal works. 

The artist’s portrait of Queen Camilla was done in muted tones that are perhaps more befitting of a monarch.

Jonathan Yeo painted the then-Duchess of Cornwall in 2014, and a picture of that portrait was shown on X (formerly Twitter) for comparison purposes.

Queen Camilla seems happy with the portrait, which may be the only opinion that matters to King Charles.

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Lisa Thornbro
Lisa Thornbro
14 days ago

Too much red, I can understand the uniform, whatever it’s called, but the background being reds also is too much. His face looks a little better than he actually is. I could never understand what the beautiful Princess Diana ever saw in such a buffoon, and then while she was being screwed over by the royals, especially Charles. Good for Camilla, she can have the spoiled, selfish boy that only wanted to be king and to have her. They obviously are fine and with no regard that Princess Diana’s life was cut short—by the royals.

6 days ago

Princess Diana led a fast life. Her sons love and miss her, as we all do when our Moms die. Diana was as
loved and important to them just as our moms are loved and important to each and everyone of us. Diana’s sons seem to think no one could ever be as important and loved like their Mother!
News flash!! We all love our Mothers, they are all important to us! Terrible things happen, and people die! We all have to live with that! Life goes on! Time to get on with your loss and start living your life! We never forget!