Queen Camilla gives update on King Charles as she covers the royal duties

King Charles and Queen Camilla at separate events.
Queen Camilla gave an update on King Charles during her busy work week. Pic credit: ©

Queen Camilla has been the face of the monarchy these past weeks while King Charles and Kate Middleton underwent their health trials.

Prince William stepped back from his royal duties as he watched his children keep their lives as normal as possible while his wife, Kate Middleton, recovered from her abdominal surgery.

King Charles and Kate Middleton have shelved their duties, leaving a very busy Queen Camilla to help out as much as possible.

She is the most senior member of the royal family undertaking public engagements now.

During this busy week, Camilla “hosted a reception at Windsor Castle for contributors to the new Miniature Library collection displayed beside Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House,” reported People Magazine.

Yesterday, she opened a cancer support center at the Royal Free Hospital, and today, she visited the St John’s Foundation charity in Bath. It was there she remarked on King Charles and how he was doing. Her visit was posted on the Royal Instagram account.

Queen Camilla was asked about King Charles

The Sun reports that Lisa Anderson asked about King Charles and how he rested after his prostate surgery during tea.

King Charles was surprisingly open about his enlarged prostate that would require surgery and a hospital stay.

Camilla replied, “Yes, he’s recovering well, thank you.” Camilla was asked another question during the tea.

Rita Willis, another resident at the famous almshouse, asked Camilla to send a message to King Charles thanking him for being as open as he was about his prostate and raising awareness.

Camilla replied, “I will convey that to him,” according to The Sun.

Camilla updated the press and royal fans when Charles was hospitalized and was seen laughing and joking, as reported by Monsters and Critics.

When will King Charles and Kate Middleton return to their public schedules?

King Charles is home recovering from his procedure, and in an announcement from Buckingham Palace, “his aides have rescheduled forthcoming public engagements to allow for a period of private recuperation.”

It is not known when he will return to his public duties.

His team posted on his behalf an appeal for The Big Help Out on his Instagram page.

Kate Middleton is now home recovering from her abdominal surgery but has canceled all her public engagements through Easter. Easter this year falls on March 31, 2024.

Kensington Palace issued a statement earlier when Kate was admitted to the hospital describing the situation and clarifying that she would not resume her duties until Easter under the doctor’s recommendations.

Until everyone is well again, Queen Camilla will no doubt remain the powerhouse for the royal duties.

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