Rodney Perry Turner: The man Scott Hall shot and killed in Florida

Rodney Perry Turner Scott Hall
In 1983, Scott Hall shot a man dead, claiming he acted in self-defense. Pic credit: Scott Hall/Facebook

On March 14, Scott Hall’s long-time best friend and tag team partner in World Championship Wrestling, Kevin Nash, announced that Hall was to be taken off life support.

Hall, 63, suffered multiple heart attacks in March 2022 after he was originally hospitalized after he broke his hip after falling.

In several interviews and most notably in a 2011 ESPN documentary, Hall said that he was forever haunted by the fact that he shot and killed a man outside of a Florida bar in 1983.

Rodney Perry Turner believed Hall was pursuing Turner’s wife, the media reported at the time

The shooting occurred in January 1983. The Orlando Sentinel reported at the time that Rodney Perry Turner, 37, was shot dead during a struggle outside of The Doll House strip club in Orlando, Florida.

The Sentinel report says that he and Scott Hall were struggling over a .45 caliber handgun, with Hall, then aged 24, later charged with second degree murder over the incident.

An employee of The Doll House told the Sentinel that Hall had allegedly been seeing Turner’s wife. The shooting reportedly occurred when Turner confronted Hall as Hall showed up for work outside of The Doll House.

The Sentinel also reported that Turner had fatally shot a different man in a dispute over his wife in November 1982, with that shooting said to have been ruled as justifiable.

Rodney Perry Turner is buried in Jacksonville, Florida.

Hall later said that she should have sought counseling over the shooting

In a 2011 mini-documentary on ESPN, Hall gave more details involving the shooting. Hall said that Turner smashed out his car windows before the struggle began, and that Turner went for his gun after Hall punched him.

As the pair struggled, Hall was said to have gained control of the gun before shooting Turner in the head, killing him.

The second-degree murder charges again Hall were later dropped because of lack of evidence.

Hall said that she should have sought counseling and that his addiction problems began shortly after the incident. Hall believed that he suffered from PTSD as a result of the shooting.

Scott Hall had been on life support

The wrestler’s friend, Kevin Nash, said that on Monday that Hall would be removed from life support after the former World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion’s family “was in place.”

Hall has two children, Cody, 31, and Cassidy, 26, with his first wife, Dana Burgio. Hall and Burgio were first married in 1990. They split in 1998 only to reconcile and remarry in 1999.

That marriage lasted two years, and the couple broke up permanently in 2001. Hall later remarried a woman named Jessica Hart for a year between 2006 and 2007.

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