Rihanna shows off baby bump while proving she’s a boss mom after leaving Louis Vuitton

Rihanna on the red carpet.
Rihanna had her hands full. Pic credit: ©

Rihanna has always been known for her sense of style, incredible talent, and fearless attitude, and pregnancy hasn’t changed a thing.

Recently, the pop star was spotted in Paris, showing her baby bump while leaving a Louis Vuitton store with her adorable son in tow. 

The multitasking mom looked stunning as she effortlessly managed her shopping, accessories, and motherly duties.

Paparazzi clamored to get a shot of the talented singer, who took the photographers in stride.

The 35-year-old singer stepped out in the City of Lights dressed in high heels and looking every bit the stylish supermom. 

Rihanna’s outfit proved that pregnancy couldn’t hold back her fashionable ways. 

Rihanna steps out in Paris and shows boss-mom energy

Being a dedicated mother did not distract Rihanna from enjoying her love for luxury brands.

Rihanna’s ensemble included a chic crop top, a colorful leather jacket, and blue jeans.

But it was her sky-high heels that stole the show and demonstrated that Rihanna could indeed do it all. With one arm securing her precious child and a pair of little boots, the other grasped a fabulous Louis Vuitton bag.

Rihanna’s ability to balance everything with grace is an inspiration for many working moms worldwide. She continues proving that motherhood adds another dimension to being a boss but doesn’t diminish one’s fashionable side.

Rihanna and her son looked luxurious during a night out in Paris
Rihanna and her son during a night out in Paris, where she made a grand exit from Louis Vuitton. Pic credit: Best Image / BACKGRID

The singer’s paparazzi stroll was a testimony to how career-driven women can strike that perfect harmony between being stylish and catering to their families without compromising on either aspect.

Rihanna also showed that determined energy when she recently performed pregnant.

Rihanna is expecting her second child with A$AP Rocky

During her February 2023 Super Bowl Halftime appearance, Rihanna revealed a baby bump, unofficially announcing her pregnancy to the world. Shortly after, Rihanna confirmed her second pregnancy, less than one year after welcoming her first child, a son.

In an interview with Vogue, Rihanna revealed that dressing while pregnant was easy.

She said, “Dressing for pregnancy was such a piece of cake.” she says.

Rihanna added, “But the weeks after that, you don’t know what to put on. Everything is too small or too big.”

She also provided a hint to her then-unannounced second pregnancy.

Rihanna continued, “You kind of just gotta wait it out otherwise you end up buying so many clothes you’re not going to use. Well, unless you get pregnant again.”

Just last week, paparazzi spotted Rihanna and A$AP Rocky shopping in Los Angeles. The shopping trip came just as rumors of their second child being a girl surfaced.

Whether Rihanna has a girl or another boy, her boss-mom attitude is likely to continue.

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