Return to Amish: What happened to Shelly and Matt?

Shelly and Matt looking happy on their wedding day
Shelly and Matt at their wedding on Return to Amish. Pic credit: TLC

Return to Amish has been chaotic this season. With all of the drama surrounding Jeremiah Raber and the rest of the cast, it was a change of pace to see the love story between Shelly and Matt move so quickly toward marriage.

Matt was an emotional drunk during his bachelor party with the guys. Lowell set him off and ignited fears that he still had feelings for Shelly. Matt has been in the English world for four years now but he still seems emotionally unsettled.

The pre-wedding jitters

It was apparent that Matt was not ready to marry Shelly despite his hasty proposal the week before on Return to Amish. Jeremiah was incredibly worried about him leaving his bride at the altar, though that is not what happened.

It turns out the root of Matt’s issue was that he was not officially divorced. He believed that it would eventually disappear without being handled, but that is not the case. So, even if Shelly and Matt went through with the wedding, their bond wouldn’t be legal until he handled all of the baggage in his past.

Where do Shelly and Matt stand?

After last night’s episode, it is unclear where the two actually stand today.

Both made the commitment to love one another and if they follow through with their plans, a happily ever after could be in store for them.

Return to Amish airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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