Renee Rapp dishes on Mean Girls: The Musical movie

Renee Rapp on the red carpet.
Renee Rapp opens up about her latest projects. Pic credit: ©

It’s all happening in the world of Renee Rapp.

Shortly after releasing her debut EP, Everything To Everyone, last year, she treated fans to a deluxe edition in February.

Acting-wise, Renee currently stars as Leighton in HBO’s successful hit show The Sex Lives of College Girls.

So far, only two seasons have aired.

After portraying the role of Regina George in the Broadway adaption of Mean Girls, Renee will now be starring in the movie edition of the musical.

In a new exclusive interview with Us Weekly, she spilled the beans surrounding the upcoming release.

Tina Fey is involved in the movie

Renee first played Regina on Broadway when she was 19 years old. Four years later and the In The Kitchen songstress believes she will take on the same role a little differently.

“I think I’m better at my job now than I was when I was a kid. I also have, like, a much a stronger sense of self at the moment than I did when I was 19,” she told Us Weekly.

With the original movie coming out in 2004, there will be a few updates in the movie musical to make it feel more modern. In order to help make these changes, Tina Fey, who wrote and starred in the original film, is involved once again.

“Tina [Fey] is such a creative genius and such a creative freak, and her partner, Jeff Richmond, who does all of the music, is as well. So there’s definitely different things,” Renee explained.

She stated that some songs that are in the musical version might be in the movie but not all of them.

Renee described Tina and Jeff as “creative” beings who are happy to broaden their horizons and are open to working with people that are of the current culture.

A release date for the movie has yet to be announced.

Renee Rapp’s music career is also in demand

While serving as a booked and busy actor, Renee is also actively perusing a music career that is going swimmingly well.

After releasing her debut EP, Everything To Everyone, last year, she told Fault Magazine that she felt “really good” about the reception it received and that she’s happy that fans seem to like the music more than she does.

Written about an emotional breakup, Renee revealed that In The Kitchen is her personal favorite from the project.

When asked if a debut album is already on the cards, she stated that she was already working on one that she hopes to release later this year.

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