Rapper PnB Rock dead at 30 after an apparent robbery at LA restaurant

PnB Rock death
Popular rap artist PnB Rock was killed in a robbery while he dined with his girlfriend. Pic credit:@PnB Rock/YouTube

Rapper and singer PnB Rock was robbed of his belonging after being shot multiple times at Roscoe’s House of Chicken’ N Waffles in south Los Angeles on Monday afternoon.

Rock, whose legal name was Rakim Allen, was rushed to a local hospital and pronounced dead at 1:59 p.m at age 30.

The Philadelphia-born hip-hop artist was eating with his girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang, who posted their location on Instagram in a since-deleted post.

His death has drawn comparison to the late rap superstar Pop Smoke, whose location was posted on Instagram before he was fatally shot in February 2020.

PnB Rock was a versatile artist known for his melodic songs, such as his hit record Selfish, Horses, and I Like Girls.

He was also known for his collaborations with the late XXXTentacion, who was also shot dead during a robbery, and he also worked with Pop Smoke.

PnB Rock was shot several times and robbed after a verbal exchange

An LAPD officer said the victim, who has been identified as Rock, was eating at the restaurant with his girlfriend when he was approached by the suspect.

The suspect then brandished a firearm and demanded his property. There was a verbal exchange, although the LAPD officer says they were unable to get audio.

The suspect then fired multiple rounds into Rock, who fell to the ground and was then robbed of his property that has not been identified.

The assailant then ran out of the restaurant and entered a getaway car. There is reportedly a video of the robbery and murder inside the restaurant. However, the suspect has not been publicly identified at the time of writing this report.

A graphic video has surfaced on social media of PnB Rock in the restaurant after the incident as he fought for his life.  

PnB Rock spoke about robbery attempts earlier this month

In an interview with D.J. Akademiks on his Spotify podcast, released just a week and a half ago, PnB Rock spoke about the dangers of living in Los Angeles.

He said someone attempted to rob him in Fairfax during the COVID-19 pandemic while he was with his family.

“Where I’m from, we like sneaky criminals. In L.A., it’s like they bold,” Rock said to Akademiks.

Allen recalled a time when he was with his family out in L.A. when he noticed a group of potential robbers following them into a store.

He said in the interview that robbery attempts on rappers are becoming common, but he had not been robbed. “I never got robbed, never in my life. I ain’t gon’ say never because I don’t like saying never. I’m not superstitious or nothing like that, but I haven’t been robbed.”

PnB Rock said in the interview that he enjoys living in Los Angeles despite the frequent robberies because he stays away from places such as nightclubs where crime is common. He said his older brother being killed taught him to be cautious.

PnB Rock is survived by his two daughters and contributions to Hip-Hop music.

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