Randy Jackson worries fans with thin frame after Live with Kelly & Mark appearance

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Many viewers wondered about Randy Jackson’s condition after his recent appearance on Live. Pic credit: ©

Many fans expressed their concern for Randy Jackson based on his recent time on Live with Kelly & Mark this week.

Some felt that “something was off” with the beloved musician and American Idol judge during his appearance on the program.

Many took to social media to comment and ask others about Jackson’s condition based on how he looked in the recent episode.

The 67-year-old appeared on Monday’s episode of Live and looked slender, wearing a grey sweater over a clean white button-up shirt.

He recalled a story about when the legendary Madonna stole and wore a pair of his sunglasses for a music video that he saw on MTV.

Live with Kelly & Mark shared the 44-second clip (below), with Jackson’s thin frame visible during his appearance.

Fans express concern for Randy Jackson after Live appearance

Many fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter, reacting to Jackson’s appearance and asking others if they thought he was “alright.”

“Is it normal for the guest to already be sitting? Anyone else feel like something was off with him?” one fan asked.

Another fan asked the show’s account if Jackson was “okay” and “Why didn’t he walk out When introduced but started the interview seated?”

fans comment about randy jackson on live
Pic credit: @Ronangelojr/Twitter

Another viewer brought up that Jackson’s voice “sounded weird” during his appearance on the show, possibly due to his age or health situation.

viewer mentions randy jackson voice from live
Pic credit: @Lovie0210/Twitter

Jackson continues to deal with a significant health issue

Randy Jackson was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, per US Weekly. The 67-year-old record executive, musician, and TV personality appeared as a judge on American Idol for 12 seasons, announcing his decision to leave in 2003.

The former American Idol judge indicated he’s lost 200 pounds during his battle. Jackson underwent a gastric bypass surgery in 2003 as he’d weighed 350 pounds before that.

Five years later, he released a self-help book, Body With Soul, which mentioned his “life-threatening” disease, calling it a “curse to be saddled with.”

“But it’s a blessing to get that huge wake-up call,” Jackson wrote, also indicating he started his “journey toward better health” after a doctor “burst his bubble” in the ER.

Jackson didn’t mention his health situation during his recent Live with Kelly and Mark segment. Instead, he spoke about other topics, including his latest show, Name That Tune, which features contestants trying to name songs played by an on-stage band.

It’s not the first time fans have expressed concern over Jackson’s health based on his appearance. In May 2022, he returned to his former show with another retired judge, Paula Abdul, for The Great Idol Reunion, with fans wondering online about his health condition.

Monsters and Critics reported in December 2021 about Jackson sparking concern over his health when Jackson appeared much thinner in a photo next to actor Anthony Hopkins.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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