ProJared’s subscriber count plummets by 120,000 after cheating and sex pics claims, Socialblade shows

ProJared, whose subscriber count is plummeting according to Socialblade
ProJared, whose subscriber count is plummeting according to Socialblade in live figures. Pic credit: @ProJared/YouTube

UPDATE: ProJared’s subscriber count has plummeted by more than 120,000 people since the story about his alleged cheating and explicit photo soliciting broke.

More than 100,000 followers unsubscribed from his YouTube channel within the first day of him being in the headlines, reducing his total number of followers from 1,033,939 to 931,237.

The drop is continuing today as well according to live subscriber count stats on Socialblade, with another 18,000 people having unsubscribed this morning — leaving him with just 912,453 followers at the time of writing.


ProJared’s subscriber count on his YouTube channel is plummeting by the thousands in the wake of claims he cheated on his wife and solicited explicit photos from fans.

Socialblade — which measures and records the follower numbers of social media accounts — shows that the follower count of the YouTuber, real name Jared Knabenbauer, has dropped by more than 65,000 in the past day from 1.03million to 968,000.

At the time of writing, the live sub count was continuing to fall every minute as followers abandoned the ProJared account in their thousands.

Before today, Knabenbauer had seen very little change in his subscriber count for several weeks after not posting a new video since December 27, 2018.

He told fans at the time, “Thank you all for your patience and understanding. I know I have been lacking as I fight my own personal battles and struggles, but I still appreciate every one of you for continuing to watch. Thank you so much.”

One person commented on the same video today: “Congrats on 900,000 subs!! Been here since 1 million!”

The drop in subscriber numbers as recorded by Socialblade comes after the news broke this morning that ProJared had been publicly accused of cheating on his wife — by his wife.

Heidi O’Ferrall, a popular Cosplayer, posted a string of Twitter messages in response to a statement put out by ProJared revealing that the pair had filed for divorce.

In her messages, O’Ferrall accused ProJared of cheating on her with fellow YouTube creator Holly Conrad. She also accused him of using his position to solicit sexually explicit images from fans.

In the latest developments, several people on Twitter have come forward with stories claiming Knabenbauer sent them nude photos. Some have claimed he also solicited sexually explicit photos from underage fans.

ProJared has not responded to the developments since his initial statement about his and Heidi’s divorce. Holly Conrad initially responded by posting a message on ProJared’s tweet, saying, “Im so sorry you’re going through this. I’m here for you if you need me.”

She also wrote in separate tweets, “I understand some s**t is going down on the Internet. If you want to believe a hyperbolic statement from someone you don’t know on the Internet with no previous background information and use it to demonize strangers, so be it. This isn’t anyone’s business but theirs.”

She added, “If it’s worth anything, you all know me. I’d never hurt anyone and I only want the best and happiness for those around me. If you’ve followed me for a long time, you know that. Gonna get off twitter for a while ✌️”

Her Twitter account has since been made private.

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