ProJared cheating claims: Wife Heidi O’Ferrall accuses him of sleeping with Holly Conrad in tweetstorm

ProJared on YouTube
ProJared just announced he was divorcing on Twitter. Pic credit: ProJared/YouTube

Popular YouTuber Jared Knabenbauer, known to his fans as ProJared, took to Twitter yesterday to announce that he and his wife Heidi O’Ferrall were getting divorced — and also preemptively addressed cheating rumors sweeping the internet.

The online celebrity asked Twitter fans to respect the pair’s privacy and predicted that there would be rumors, speculation and gossip that would follow his announcement, to which he asked fans to draw their own conclusions.

However, shortly after ProJared’s announcement, his wife Heidi also took to Twitter and in a string of messages alleged that ProJared had been cheating on her for months with another popular YouTube creator Holly Conrad. She also revealed that Jared had blocked her on Twitter.

In her tweetstorm, Heidi claimed that she has proof — in the form of photographs and records of explicit conversations — that ProJared had been cheating on her for months.

Heidi went on to accuse Holly Conrad of sending nudes to her husband Jared.

She also accused ProJared of using his position to solicit nude photos from fans.

Holly Conrad soon responded to the allegations on Twitter.

She also posted a message on Jared’s tweet, saying: “Im so sorry you’re going through this. I’m here for you if you need me.”

The latest developments come after Monsters and Critics reported in September that Holly Conrad had split with her husband Ross O’Donovan of Game Grumps fame.

Heidi O’Ferrall’s fans reacted on Twitter.

Many of ProJared’s followers on Twitter had apparently read Heidi’s Twitter outburst and some were critical of him, although others were supportive.

Meanwhile, Holly’s fans also responded, not all in support.

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