Boyfriend of Bretman Rock’s sister Princess Mae, Misterwontons, faces domestic abuse allegations

Princess Mae poses on Instagram
The boyfriend of Bretman Rock’s sister Princess Mae, Misterwontons, has been accused of physically abusing her. Pic credit: @realprincessmae/Instagram

There appears to be serious trouble in the relationship between Instagram celebrities Princess Mae and her boyfriend Chris, aka Misterwontons.

He has been accused of domestic abuse, with a video circulating online appearing to show Bretman Rock’s sister getting violently pushed by him.

These allegations have also been followed up with accusations that Misterwontons cheated on Princess Mae. The pair have been romantically linked for some time and have a son together.

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The video which has been circulating appears to show Princess Mae approaching Misterwontons, who is sitting on a sofa. As she bends down to grab something near him, he violently shoves her against a window. The pair then seem to argue about a set of lost keys.

Fans have responded to the footage with shock and dismay; one Instagram user wrote, “Omg wtf.. no matter what is happening this is not okay to put your hands on someone like this.” 

And another fan commented: “nah no matter the circumstances surrounding this video justifies him doing that to her is he crazy…”

Misterwontons responded to abuse allegations

Chris has since responded to the video by writing: “Let’s see the full video, so we can show them exactly what she was doing to me before I pushed her back.” He said that he “wasn’t proud” with how he reacted but also claimed that she brings out the worst in him and finished by writing: “Distance is way healthier for the both of us.”

Misterworms' comment on the video
Pic credit: @panchostoxicas/Instagram

The scandal was further enflamed when Misterwontons’ mother attacked her son’s partner online. In a lengthy Instagram post, she accused Princess Mae of trying to destroy her son, writing: “I’d say your attentions are to see him fold, degraded, destroyed, and not succeed.”

She added: “You thrive on raising fatherless children in your home and take pleasure in beating a man when he’s down just like the devil!”

Princess Mae has so far remained silent on the incident and has not divulged her side of the story to her 2.5 million Instagram followers.

Princess Mae boyfriend was also accused of cheating

A video shared to TikTok also claimed to show a heavily pregnant Princess Mae catching Misterwontons in a room with another woman. However, it’s not clear from the footage if they were actually engaged in a romantic act.

Another video appeared to show Princess Mae throwing out items of her partner’s clothing. The person filming said her actions were because of an argument regarding their ex-partner.

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