Prince Harry suffers a stunning loss in court

Prince Harry Dressed Up
Prince Harry has had a rough week. Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, are no strangers to the court system.

The couple has been party to several lawsuits against news organizations in addition to Prince Harry’s lawsuit for additional security coverage for his family when they are in the UK.

As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, Harry is challenging the Royal and VIP Executive Committee’s (RAVEC) decision to cut back his armed security.

According to the Independent, this lawsuit upset the UK taxpayers because it will cost them more than one million pounds to defend it.

Meghan sued Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) successfully over a privacy claim. She alleged that they printed extracts of a letter written to her father.

Harry successfully sued ANL for libel in 2020.

Another lawsuit against ANL filed in 2022, alleging they misled the public, is ongoing.

Two other lawsuits, one against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) and another against News Group Newspapers (NGN), for hacking voicemails and phone hacking, respectively, are still ongoing.

Harry loses a bid in one court case

This current court case is one Harry has mounted against ANL for libel. The newspaper printed, “REVEALED: How Harry tried to keep his legal fight over bodyguards secret… then minutes after MoS broke story his PR machine tried to put positive spin on the dispute.”

Lawyers for Harry have stated the story is “an attack on his honesty and integrity.”

ANL is arguing that they can present a case that the statement is an honest opinion of the Prince’s actions at the time. Harry’s lawyers are trying to eliminate that part of the case.

Harry has challenged that argument unsuccessfully. He has said that the story is libelous. However, the court has ruled that ANL can argue it is an honest opinion and did not damage Harry’s reputation.

ANL can argue that Harry’s team managed a “masterclass of spinning” to “mislead” people over whether or not Harry offered to pay for his security.

The Telegraph has reported that the case goes trial next year unless the parties agree.

Prince Harry’s charity, The Invictus Games, is suffering

Prince Harry is a patron of the charity Invictus Games Foundation. He says, “Heart of Invictus is the incredible story of competitors brought together through service, who are now united through sport.”

But reports are circulating that morale for the charity is at an all-time low, possibly because of Prince Harry and his legal and PR problems lately. The Daily Mail reports an insider saying, “Prince Harry and his wife have become a significant distraction with all their troubles. Enough already.”

CEO Peter Lawless and Chief Commercial Officer Bill Cooper have resigned from the foundation. This is a massive blow to the charity that offers international wounded, injured, and sick servicemen and women sports opportunities.

This is terrible timing because they are gearing up for the return of the games in Canada with the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025.

The Invictus Games are an internationally held sporting event, much like the Olympics.

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Barbara johnson
Barbara johnson
6 months ago

What a joke of a man! Just stay in the USA and shut up you are a joke of a man!

marcella h pittman
marcella h pittman
6 months ago

harry and megan wanted to be just like us but they want to get all the money without working for it. they are scammers and liers. they dont want to be part of the royals so why is the king still letting them have the titles of any thing? in the past when a royal left the lost any title the had so harry and megan should be just mr and mrs they need to stop sueing companys and get jobs to support them just as they stated they wanted