Prince Harry may not go home to the UK because of security concerns

Prince Harry at an event in London
Prince Harry may not be able too visit the UK for the Invictus Games because of security concerns. Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry holds several things dear: his wife, Meghan Markle, his children, and the charity he founded, Invictus Games.

An important anniversary for Prince Harry’s charity, the Invictus Games, is coming up on May 8, 2024, and he may have to miss it.

A special ceremony is planned at St. Paul Cathedral in England to commemorate the charity’s special anniversary, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on the guest list.

Prince Harry cited security concerns as the reason he moved his family away from the United Kingdom in the first place. Those same concerns may keep him from physically attending the ceremony next month.

Security for himself and his beloved family has to come before the Invictus Games that he founded a decade ago to help wounded soldiers recover from their injuries.

The Express has reported that Prince Harry’s loss in court means that he cannot appeal for the security detail he feels he requires for visits to the UK, which may mean he cannot attend the ceremony.

Prince Harry is close to canceling his UK visit, a source reveals

A source has reported that Prince Harry is in discussions over his security for the event and may decide to cancel, according to the Express.

Prince Harry and Meghan were able to travel to Canada in February for an eventful few days to celebrate the Invictus Games, but a trip to the United Kingdom may be too risky.

The Invictus Games charity is a “powerful tool for recovery for those who have been wounded, injured, or fallen ill during or as a consequence of service, according to its website.

Prince Harry usually shows up for significant Invictus Games events and even traveled to the Netherlands to speak two years ago, so this decision to miss the tenth anniversary must be hard to make.

The Express reports that the source revealed that instead, Prince Harry may appear “via video link or a pre-recorded message, following his recent legal setback over security arrangements in the UK.”

Whatever the prince decides to do will be in his safety and his family’s best interests.

The trip to the UK could have helped mend fences with his family

It would be a great shame if Prince Harry were forced to miss a physical visit to his home in England. With King Charles, his father, battling cancer, any time with him would be precious to them both.

At one point, Prince William was intent on fixing his relationship with Prince Harry, but sadly, that did not happen and may never come to fruition.

The Mirror reported that while things seem dim with a reconciliation between Prince Harry and the future king, Prince William, Harry still wants to see his dad.

Let’s hope that the security details work out and that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can fly back to England.

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