Prince Harry doesn’t feel safe bringing children to the UK due to lack of police protection

Prince Harry Duke of Sussex at the opening of the new Silverstone Experience in 2020
Prince Harry does not feel safe bringing his children to the UK. Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry has revealed that he does not feel safe bringing his children to the UK.

The concerns arose after the loss of his taxpayer funded police protection.

Prince Harry’s attorney speaks out on his behalf

Prince Harry lost his right to taxpayer-funded police protection when he stepped back from his royal duties in 2020.

Since then, Harry and his family have moved to the USA, where he has been privately paying for his family’s security.

He was later told that he could not privately pay for UK police protection.

At a preliminary hearing to have the protection reinstated, Prince Harry’s attorney, Shaheed Fatima expressed Harry’s concerns.

“This claim is about the fact that the claimant does not feel safe when he is in the U.K. given the security arrangements that were applied to him in June 2021 and will continue to be applied to him if he decides to come back,” Fatima said at the Royal Courts of Justice, reported The Guardian.

“And, of course, it should go without saying that he wants to come back to see family and friends and to continue to support the charities that are so close to his heart,” the lawyer added. “Most of all, this is, and always will be, his home.”

The hearing represents the initial stages of the process for a judicial review of Harry’s security arrangements. It may lead to further court proceedings.

The royal family security concerns

Prince Harry has a right to be concerned for his safety.

A recent visit to the UK, in July 2021, proved to be unsafe for the royal. After a charity event, Prince Harry’s car was reportedly chased by photographers.

This is not unlike his mother’s treatment by the tabloids, which Harry has previously spoken out about.

Currently, only the Queen, Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince William and Kate Middleton receive 24-hour police protection.

Other royals such as Princess Ann and Prince Edward only receive state protection when they perform official duties.

The Queen’s grandchildren (including Princesses Beatrice and Princess Eugenie) do not receive any government-funded protection.

Prince Harry recently spotted in public

Harry was recently seen out in public in the USA.

He and his cousin, Princess Eugenie were spotted enjoying the Super Bowl this past weekend.

Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, was not at the big game.

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2 years ago

Haven’t you figured out WHY these two people live in California rather than England? If you haven’t then open your eyes.