5 things to know about future ‘Queen Consort’ Camilla Parker Bowles

Camilla Parker Bowles
Camilla Parker Bowles at the Pride of Britain Awards in 2010. Pic credit: ©

Camilla Parker Bowles, also known as the Duchess of Cornwall, has been making headlines since it was announced by Queen Elizabeth II that she would be Queen Consort upon Prince Charles’ ascension to the throne.

This is news because many believed this would not happen, given the rocky start to Camilla and Prince Charles’ relationship.

The public believed that Camilla was the reason for the end of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship. Therefore, many did not see her in a positive light.

Previously, it was announced that Camilla would be Princess Consort due to public sensitivity. However, at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee on February 6, she made it clear that Camilla has her blessing to be called Queen Consort.

Here are five things to know about Camilla.  

Camilla loves dogs

Back in 2011, Camilla adopted a Jack Russell Terrier puppy named Beth from a shelter. One Jack Russell wasn’t enough, though, and she adopted another in 2012, named Bluebell.

Camilla is also a patron of the charity Medical Detection Dogs. The charity is dedicated to training dogs to detect various diseases through scent. In February of 2019, she visited the dogs and their trainers and helped to open their new facility.

Camila does a lot of charity work

Since marrying Prince Charles in 2005, Camilla has become a patron or president of over 90 charities.

She is involved in many charities that support the elderly. For example, she is president of the Royal Voluntary Society and patron of The Silver Line, a free helpline for older people experiencing loneliness.

She also supports charities in health, literacy, animals, and the arts.

Camilla has a fear of flying

The royals constantly travel to other countries in the Commonwealth for charity work or meetings. But, Camilla dislikes traveling due to her fear of flying.

Her phobia has kept her from traveling to several countries with Prince Charles.

According to Express, Camilla copes with the stress of flying by using a method called the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Camilla has two children from her previous marriage

Camilla was previously married to an officer in the British Army, Andrew Parker Bowles. They married in 1973 and divorced in 1995.

They share two children, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes.

Tom is a cookbook author and restaurant critic, while Laura is an art curator.

Tom has two children, and Laura has three, making Camilla a grandmother of five.

Camilla is highly educated

Camilla attended Dumbrells School (middle school), followed by Queen’s Gate School (high school). At age 16, she went abroad to the Mon Fertile, finishing school in Switzerland.

After completing her studies, Camilla went to France to learn French and French literature at the University of London Institute in Paris.

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Casey Owens
Casey Owens
2 years ago

I’m from the US & I know my opinion doesn’t matter. I’ve never commented on an article I’ve read. I’m not sure what compels me to do so now but here it goes. I’ve ALWAYS loved the royals & have followed them for a long time & have researched them going way back. I think as a little girl it confirmed to me that Queens & Princesses did exist! I LOVE Queen Elizabeth to pieces! I’ve never seen anyone in a Government role carry themselves the way she does! She thinks long & hard about decisions & what is best for her Commonwealth! However, this decision has stopped me in my tracks. I know I can’t possibly know the whole story so I know I should give some grace. Here’s what I know that upsets me so. Princess Diana was loved by Prince Phillip & the Queen. In fact they carefully groomed her for Prince Charles. This is what his parents wanted for him. The main factor in it all coming to a tragic end was Camilla. Also, I know that Prince Harry has highly disappointed the family & I don’t agree with all they have done. I believe, what we call, aired their dirty laundry, to the whole world & it was disrespectful & disgraceful. It truly saddened me. But now I see that they are trying to make amends & they should be. These children in no way asked for these things to happen & they should know their family. So I guess my point is, how can you give Camila the title of Queen Escort & not offer protection for your Grandson so that you can meet your great granddaughter. I think all this just makes my heart hurt. For me, family is everything & you do what you can to move on when bad things happen. There are indeed huge apologies to be made. Now that I’ve said all this, I hope I’m not a disappointment to the Queen or the Royal family. (I know it’s silly to even say this, this comment will NEVER reach any of them!) I just wanted to get my feelings out.

2 years ago
Reply to  Casey Owens

Well said, Casey. I second your opinion, she has not right to anything royal. I’m seriously confused about why the Queen would want this…..or is it “the firm” that wants this?

Rose-laure Derogene
Rose-laure Derogene
2 years ago

I think that great news for Camilla. I totally get the resentment again Camilla, but people need to let it go. Prince Charles made his decision and Camilla was his first love. It takes two. I love Princess Diana, but she moved on as well before her death.
Wishing the best to all involved.

2 years ago

Don’t like her…..home wrecker………..Diana was for sure a Princess……..will always consider Diana a Princess….