Prince Charles ‘set to loan Prince Andrew millions’ to pay off Virginia Giuffre sex abuse settlement

Prince Andrew, Duke of York at the English National Ballet Summer Party at the Orangery, Kensington, London . 29th June 2011
Prince Andrew will allegedly receive monetary help from Prince Charles to pay his settlement to Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Pic credit: © Mayhew/Landmark Media

Nothing shows brotherly love quite like loaning your brother millions of dollars to help him pay off a lawsuit settlement. 

Earlier this year, Prince Andrew faced a sexual assault lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre claiming that convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein forced her to have sex with the royal.

Although Andrew continues to deny the allegations, he agreed to settle the case and pay Giuffre an enormous amount of money— reportedly as much as £12 million ($15.7 million), with some of that amount being made as a charitable donation. 

While some may think that this sort of money wouldn’t be a problem for a member of the royal family to repay, Andrew — who was recently stripped of his royal titles — is allegedly having issues getting the cash together for the settlement.

According to reports, Andrew’s brother Prince Charles is now set to loan him an amount of up to £7 million ($9.2 million). Other family members, including the Queen, are also reportedly assisting Andrew with his settlement as well. 

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles ‘to help pay Prince Andrew’s settlement to Giuffre’

Andrew has to pay his settlement to Giuffre within the next eight days — which is why he is in need of quick cash.

Andrew will reportedly repay Charles and others, including the Queen, after he sells his £17 million ($22.3 million) ski chalet in Switzerland, but The Sun reports that if the money is not paid back, Andrew will lose money from Queen Elizabeth’s will. 

The Queen is thought to have funded at least some of his legal battle to date, but reportedly no public funds are being used for any of Andrew’s costs or the settlement payment. 

A source told the outlet that the Royal family talked about how to “take a little from here and a little from there” to deal with the settlement, and that when the money from selling the chalet goes into Andrew’s bank account, “he can pay back his brother and whoever else has lent him money.” 

Another source, said to be a friend of Andrew, added that the royal “has no income or money to repay a bank loan so the family is the only way to guarantee the payment.” 

Prince Andrew maintains his innocence, denies sexual abuse claims

Prince Andrew has been adamant in maintaining his innocence throughout the lawsuit, and his agreement to settle was not an admission of guilt. 

Andrew said that he “regretted his association with Epstein,” and vowed to fight against sex trafficking and support victims.

Giuffre’s attorney, David Boies, advised that lawyers on both sides told the judge a settlement was reached and there would be a request to dismiss the lawsuit as a result. 

Since Prince Andrew agreed to the settlement, the case will not go to trial.

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