PJ Washington implies Brittany Renner won’t let him see his son

Pj Washington Baby mama
PJ Washington claims that he does not see his son in a series of Instagram posts. Pic credit: @PJ_Washington/Instagram & @bundleofbrittany/Instagram

PJ Washington and Brittany Renner’s relationship drama continues as the Charlotte Hornets player now claims Brittany Renner won’t let him see his son.

The former couple confirmed their relationship last year, and the NBA baller revealed in March this year that he was expecting a child with the author and Instagram model.

In May, Renner gave birth to their son.

Two months after Renner gave birth, they deleted photos of each other on their respective social media accounts.

Washington seemingly accused Renner of using him in a cryptic tweet, “you was faking it all along,” but deleted it after it went viral.

Last week, PJ Washington seemingly denied a viral rumor that he pays $200K in child support with another tweet saying, “Stop the [cap emoji],” which, in slang, means “Stop the lies.”

The rumor was unsubstantiated, and it is unclear whether Renner and Washington have a child support agreement.

PJ Washington says he doesn’t get to see his son

In a series of social media posts, Washington said that he does not get to see his son.

He also wrote, “Protect your assets” without adding any content to the message.

“I miss my son,” he wrote on his Instagram Story before adding, “Don’t understand why I can’t see my son.”

Without mentioning Renner directly, he wrote on his Instagram Story, “They won’t take you from me,” seemingly implying that there will be a child custody battle pending.

Pic credit:@pj_washington/Instagram Story

Washington continued to take cryptic digs at his ex, posting snippets and lyrics to several songs on his Instagram Story.

First, he posted a screenshot of Lil Durk’s song, Triflin Hoes. Then PJ also posted the lyrics to Lil Durk and Lil Baby’s song, Still Hood, adding the lyrics “you was faking it all along,” which is the same thing he wrote weeks ago in a deleted tweet.

Screenshot from PJ Washington's IG stories.
Pic credit: @pj_washington/Instagram

Brittany Renner deletes Twitter

Brittany Renner deleted her Twitter account following the child support rumors, but the author and model remains active on her Instagram account.

However, she has not responded to Washington’s claims that he does not get to see his son.

Washington has been widely mocked on social media for his relationship with the author due to a viral clip where Renner advises women to use athletes to get pregnant for lucrative child support payments.

When speaking on athletes, Renner claimed “none of them use condoms” before adding, “If y’all really want to come up off a check off a man, you could just hook an athlete, they are really dumb.”

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