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Pink and family share photo of newly adopted dog

Pink shared with fans that she and her family adopted a new dog,. Pic credit: ©

Pink and her family have added another member to their family.

The You and Ur Hand singer posted a photo to her Twitter page of her kids snuggling a little black puppy.

The photo was captioned, “Thank you to the @labellefdn for helping us rescue our newest family member, Habañero Mountain Guy Kadashi Hart. We love the work that you do. #AdoptDontShop

An advocate for animals

Pink, whose given name is Alecia Beth Moore, doesn’t hold back when in support of animal rights and against animal cruelty, speaking out in a video posted to YouTube in 2008 for better treatment of sheep.

“Merino sheep have been greedily bred to have as much skin as possible and, therefore, more wool. These ‘Frankenstein’ sheep get such massive folds in their skin that they can’t even crap properly,” Pink wrote.

She continued, “Flies lay eggs in these folds, and the hatched maggots can eat the sheep alive. Using the cheapest, cruelest, and crudest way to combat this so-called ‘flystrike,’ farmers throw these gentle lambs onto their backs and restrain their legs between metal bars. Then, without any pain relief at all, they use gardening shears to carve out giant chunks of flesh from the lambs’ rumps.”

In 2018, Pink, 41, shared her thoughts with PETA about the horrible conditions suffered by orca whales held in captivity and trained to perform for audiences.

Speaking out against animal cruelty

“As a mother, I would never take my kids anywhere that keeps intelligent, sensitive beings in intensive confinement. Children are impressionable, and the last thing I would want to teach my kids is that ‘might makes right’ or that it’s OK to bully and exploit someone just because they look different from us,” Pink wrote.

She continued, “But that’s exactly what SeaWorld does by locking up animals who, in their ocean homes, would swim up to 140 miles a day, dive to great depths, cooperate with their pods to find food, communicate in their own dialects, and transmit their own culture from generation to generation.”

“At SeaWorld, all these animals are able to do is swim in endless circles. Some are so frustrated that they break their teeth by gnawing on the concrete corners and metal bars of their tiny tanks. But you have a chance to change all that …. When will SeaWorld transfer its orcas and other marine mammals to seaside sanctuaries to save them – and itself?”

The singer joined the “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign, posing nude for the PETA-driven crusade to stop the killing of animals in order to make clothing out of their fur.

Pink and her daughter, Willow (9), recently answered fan questions on Twitter after releasing their uplifting and happy song Cover Me in Sunshine. Willow shared that the family, also consisting of Pink’s husband, motocross superstar Carey Hart, and their son Jameson (4), owns a horse, another dog, and a lizard.