Pete Davidson should date Julia Fox for ‘great cultural reset’

Julia Fox attends the 25th Annual Critics' Choice Awards and Pete Davidson attends the Samsung Hope for Children Gala.
Julia Fox and Pete Davidson fans want the two to date and spark a cultural reset. Pic credit: ©

Fans have advocated for Julia Fox and Pete Davidson to start dating, claiming that it will start a cultural reset.

Since Davidson broke up with Kim Kardashian in August, some fans have taken an interest in his dating life. They’ve been playing matchmaker and picking who they would like to see the 29-year-old date next.

On social media, several users suggested that Fox and Davidson date. Fox recently broke up with Kanye West, who is the ex-husband of Davidson’s ex, Kim.

Now that Kim and Kanye are out of the picture, fans seemed to think it would be an interesting development for Fox and Davidson to date. In fact, some insisted it was only “logical” for them to date next.

Some users claimed that the two would be soulmates and that they “stan” the speculative couple.

Others even insisted that the potential match would be akin to an iconic cultural reset.

Fans ship Julia Fox and Pete Davidson

For those unfamiliar with a cultural reset, the term is usually used to describe some big shift in pop culture that has a lasting impact. In 2020, the Cultural Reset Meme became a trend.

Users would take to social media and share what they believed to be an “era-defining moment.” Hence, Twitter users seemed to believe that a Fox and Davidson relationship would fundamentally change pop culture.

Screenshot claiming Julia Fox and Pete Davidson should date.
Pic credit: @BigTusconDad/Twitter

Aside from the matching making on social media, there have been no indications that Fox and Davidson are romantically involved or will be in the future.

However, they do share a connection to one another. Back in 2019, the two participated in a photoshoot for PAPER Magazine.

The unique photoshoot saw Davidson and Fox posing together as plastic dolls reminiscent of Barbie and Ken. In one photo, the two posed on a racecar-shaped bed with Davidson’s head resting in Fox’s lap.

The photoshoot has been getting some renewed attention since fan’s started shipping Davidson and Fox.

Who is Davidson currently dating?

Since his breakup with Kardashian, Davidson has not officially confirmed that he is dating anyone. However, there have been rumors lately that he is dating model Emily Ratajkowski.

The rumors started on November 16, when Ratajkowski and Davidson were spotted celebrating Davidson’s 29th birthday together. Photographers caught the two hugging and noticed that Ratajkowski even appeared to have brought Davidson a gift.

Neither Ratajkowski nor Davidson have publicly addressed the dating rumors.

However, insiders have claimed that they can confirm the two are dating. They suggested that the two have been talking and getting to know each other for a few months now.

One insider even claimed that Ratajkowski is “super into” Davidson. Without official confirmation, though, it is unknown if Davidson is currently dating anyone.

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