Emily Ratajkowski reportedly ‘super into’ Pete Davidson

Emily Ratajkowski attends the 13th Annual GO Gala and Pete Davidson attends the Samsung Hope for Children Gala.
Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson’s relationship is allegedly flourishing amid reports that Ratajkowski is very into her new flame. Pic credit: © Callahan/Acepixs

Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson’s alleged romance just surfaced recently. However, it was reported that Ratajkowski is already falling for Davidson and is really liking her new flame.

An insider claimed that Ratajkowski and Davidson are, indeed, in a relationship but it isn’t serious yet.

It could get serious in the future, though, if the insider was right about Ratajkowski’s feelings.

Reportedly, Ratajkowski likes Davidson very much, and he is winning her over slowly but surely. This week she celebrated his birthday with him on November 16.

The birthday outing was the first time they were spotted together.

Despite Ratajkowski’s liking of Davidson, they seem to be taking things slow for now. An insider told E! News, “It’s a chill relationship so far. There’s no pressure to make it exclusive, but she really likes him.”

Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson’s alleged relationship

Ratajkowski and Davidson first sparked dating rumors on November 16, when they got together to celebrate Davidson’s 29th birthday in New York City. Davidson was seen arriving at Ratajkowski’s apartment, though he left when he spotted photographers.

They changed their plans quickly as Ratajkowski hailed an Uber and went to Davidson’s house instead. She seemingly had a gift for him, and their chemistry was noticeable as they shared an embrace.

Although the pair didn’t seem ready to confirm anything yet, insiders were eager to spill the beans on what was going on with the duo. One insider claimed that the two have been talking and dating for “a couple of months” before they were spotted together.

Another fan claimed to have seen Ratajkowski and Davidson on a steamy date at a park in Brooklyn. Of course, it has been a little difficult to confirm if these reports were accurate.

Davidson and Ratajkowski both recently got out of relationships. Ratajkowski’s in the process of divorcing her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, while Davidson broke up with his former girlfriend, Kim Kardashian this summer.

Will Ratajkowski and Davidson go official?

Despite the rumors swirling about their alleged relationship, Ratajkowski and Davidson have been keeping mum.

It could be a while before they officially go public, based on some recent sentiments that Ratajkowski expressed. She posted a TikTok on November 18 of her lip-syncing to a sound bite about dating multiple people.

Many perceived it as a response to the dating rumors with Davidson. In the video, she mouths, “I would be with multiple men. Also some women. Everyone’s hot but in an interesting way.”

Ratajkowski seemed to be confirming that she is still enjoying her single life and isn’t ready to settle down and be exclusive just yet.

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