Paulina Porizkova shares gorgeous, minimal make-up selfie days after announcing split from Aaron Sorkin

Paulina Porizkova
Paulina Porizkova took to Instagram to vent about the challenges of online dating. Pic credit:©ImageCollectAgency/PHOTOlink

Paulina Porizkova isn’t letting a break-up ruin her fun!

The former supermodel, 56, caught fans’ attention with her most recent Instagram selfie, posing topless and with barely a hint of make-up on her seemingly ageless face.

Paulina captioned the pic with a lengthy post lamenting the difficulties of online dating, saying, “OK. What’s up, @hinge ?” the beauty shared, adding, “I signed up a while back and was booted off instantly because I had violated guide lines.”

She continued to vent her frustrations with the dating site, talking about how she had used it in the past with some success but couldn’t understand why they weren’t allowing her back “now that (she) need(s) it.”

Many fans suggested the former model go out with them after Paulina shared her frustrations about online dating

The avid social media poster got tons of responses to her query, with many encouraging the model to keep trying and wondering if the app perhaps thought it was a fake account.

Some expressed a different view, offering themselves up to be Paulina’s personal dates if her online dating endeavor didn’t pan out.

“You can date a younger man like me,” penned one fan while another said, “Not sure if you’re into it, but I’m going to Greece in September…plenty of room…”

Pic credit: Instagram@paulinaporizkov

Paulina and Aaron Sorkin split after just three short months of dating

Paulina’s post came days after she shared a pic of herself and now ex-boyfriend Aaron Sorkin with a broken heart emoji and a caption that shared nothing but love for her former flame.

“I’m so grateful for his presence in my life. He helped heal me and reclaim myself,” Paulina wrote, continuing by saying that Aaron was “brilliant and witty” but that it just wasn’t meant to last as they were a “duck and a goose” that couldn’t really fit together.

The short-lived couple were first linked in April, as reported by Page Six and made their first public appearance together at the 2021 Academy Awards ceremony.

Pic credit: @paulinaporizkov/Instagram

Aaron was the first man Paulina went out with after the model’s husband of more than 30 years, The Cars lead singer Ric Ocasek, passed away unexpectedly in 2019.

Paulina then got a major shock when she discovered that Ric had completely left her out of his will, citing that he harbored ill-will towards the model given the two were on the path to divorce prior to his death.

Despite the slap in the face, and being subsequently left struggling financially, Paulina was able to pull through and continue to make a name for herself.

Although the relationship with Aaron was brief it is nice for fans to see that the pair have managed to maintain civility in the aftermath of their split.

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