Paula Abdul put on blast by pop artist Sham Ibrahim

Paula Abdul with Sham Ibrahim inset
Sham Ibrahim was left upset over claims Paula Abdul’s team kicked her out. Pic credit: © and Sham Ibrahim/YouTube

Sham Ibrahim is not a fan of Paula Abdul anymore.

The pop artist, who has become famous for offering up portraits of celebrities to them at various events, was straight-up furious with the Rush Rush singer when she was rushed out of a backstage area while waiting to present the pop star with some art.

Sham has given her work to several famous faces, including Snoop Dogg during Gay Pride in LA a few years back.

Sham Ibrahim kicked out of backstage area at White Party

Before her rejection, Sham Ibrahim was very excited to gift Paula a portrait and even shared that excitement with the world while preparing for the White Party, where Paula would perform a show.

Sham even explained in a new video after the event that she was able to pull some strings to get backstage, excited to be face to face with the American Idol alum so she could hand over the portrait.

But it seems that even her celebrity connections couldn’t get her in with Paula because she claims security was quick to clear the area, pointing to Sham and making it clear that they meant her.

“This was literally one of the most disappointing nights in terms of giving artwork to celebrities in my entire life,” Sham began in the video before holding up the portrait that would have been gifted to Paula Abdul.

But Sham claims she was blocked by security while backstage who made it clear that, despite there being roughly 100 other people in the room, she specifically needed to leave and wouldn’t be allowed to gift Paula and take photos.

Sham blasts Paula Abdul for ‘refusing to receive gifted art’

After the snub, which Sham believes happened after a call from Paula herself, she says she’ll no longer be a fan ever again. In fact, the artwork might become a rare item as Sham says she’s giving it away and will never print another one again.

“I never want to look at this artwork again. I don’t want to hear her f**kin’ music ever again in my life. I am no longer a fan,” Sham blasted before adding, “If you can’t take five seconds to take a picture with someone when you are at a public event… my message to you, Paula, is don’t worry, I promise you I will never print another one of those, I’m giving it away. I never want to look at it again, and good luck on your show; I didn’t stay to watch it.”

As Sham Ibrahim ended her rant, she lifted a red-polished middle finger and turned the camera off.

Sham Ibrahim has gifted so many celebrities and is known for her art

Most recently, Sham appeared on an episode of Judge Steve Harvey and gifted the man of many talents with his own pop art image.

Teresa Giudice can also count herself among those honored by Sham.

So can comedy icon Pauly Shore.

And as we said above, Sham shared some special time with Snoop Dogg and presented him with this masterpiece.

Even Gene Simmons has been immortalized in a Sham Ibrahim original pop art print.

Which celebrity Sham gifts next remains to be seen.

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