Offset’s mom not on life support: Fake rumor sweeps social media

Offset with mom
Offset and his mother, who is a volunteer for the American Cancer Society, launching a fundraising campaign in 2017. Pic credit: American Cancer Society/YouTube

Migos star Offset has become the victim of a fake news hoax, which claims that his mother, Latabia Woodward, is on life support.

The claim was made by an unofficial Facebook page which wrote a message as if penned by the star, saying:

My mom heart surgery didn’t go too well yesterday she on LIFE SUPPORT RIGHT NOW… Everyone, please keep my mother in your prayers.

The story quickly went viral on social media with more than 25,000 shares and 8,000 comments.

Fake post claiming Offset's mom was on life support
The fake post claiming Offset’s mom was on life support. Pic credit: Facebook

The cruel hoax features a photo of the Ric Flair Drip rapper and his mother. Many fans left prayer emojis; however, others were wise to the hoax noting that it is a fake Facebook page.

One commenter wrote under the post claiming Offset’s mom is on life support: “Why wouldn’t he post this on his Instagram where he is very active? This Facebook isn’t even verified.”

Offset has not responded to the rumor on any of his official social media outlets.

The ‘Father of 4’ rapper recently had an emotional reunion with his father who he has not seen for 23 years.

The 27-year-old had previously opened up during a Breakfast Club interview in February this year about his willingness to forgive his father due to his own parental issues.

“I’ve just been on the other side too. I’ve been a father that was locked up, tripping, not really focused on life goals, not really focusing on taking care of the kids.”

The Clout rapper has a close relationship with his mother who he references in his debut solo album Father of 4.

Offset’s mom has been a supporter of and volunteer for the American Cancer Society for more than ten years. The star’s grandmother, Sallie Ann Smith, who was also a big role model in his life, passed away from bladder cancer in 2012.

Offset previously launched a $500,000 campaign to raise funds for the society.

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