NY Jets’ Quinnen Williams arrested at LaGuardia airport for ‘trying to board plane with Glock 19 pistol’

New York Jets Quinnen Williams
New York Jets’ Quinnen Williams was arrested for being in possession of a firearm while attempting to board a flight at LaGuardia Airport. Pic credit: Alabama Crimson Tide on

New York Jets defensive tackle Quinnen Williams was arrested on Thursday at LaGuardia Airport and charged with criminal possession of a weapon while attempting to board a flight.

According to ESPN, a Port Authority Police spokesperson said Williams, 22, was carrying a Glock 19 handgun in a carry-on bag at the Delta check-in counter at approximately 9:15 p.m.

ESPN noted that previous reports that Williams had ammunition, which could cause further problems, were false.

This is lucky for Williams since, under New York state law, a firearm with ammunition in close proximity could still be considered “loaded.”

Illegal possession of a loaded weapon carries a stiffer penalty than illegal possession of an unloaded weapon.

New York law also requires a concealed gun to be registered in the city, but New York/New Jersey Port Authority Police confirmed to ESPN that Williams only had an Alabama gun permit.

Quinnen Williams said he was misinformed about New York gun laws

Flying with an unloaded gun in a container stored inside checked baggage is not illegal, according to the BBC. It is only illegal if the firearm is in carry-on luggage.

A source told ESPN that Williams claimed that the incident was a mistake due to having been misinformed about New York gun laws.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Queens District Attorney said Williams would appear in court on March 25 to be formally charged.

The Jets reacted to the incident with a statement on Friday. The statement said the team’s management was “fully aware” of the incident and that they were in contact with Williams.

“We will have no additional comment as this is a pending legal matter,” the statement added.

Williams’ attorney, Alex Spiro, also released a statement:

“Mr. Williams respects and follows the law. There was allegedly a technical issue with the manner in which the lawfully owned firearm was stored — and we expect the matter to be resolved shortly.”

Quinnen Williams bio

Williams, who stands at 6-feet-3-inches and weighs 303 pounds, was born in December 1997 and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. He attended Wenonah High School in Birmingham, Alabama.

He originally played for Auburn University but transferred to the University of Alabama in 2015.

Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker, Quincy Williams, is his elder brother.

The New York Jets selected Williams with the third overall pick in April 2019.

The Jets signed Williams to a four-year $32.5 million (fully guaranteed) contract that included a $21.68 million signing bonus, with an average annual salary of $8.13 million.

However, his rookie season didn’t meet up to expectations, with only 28 tackles and 2.5 sacks in 13 games.

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