Ninja and Jeffree Star together at Target and on Tik Tok — Is there a collab coming?

Ninja Tyler Blevins and Jeffree Star
Is there something exciting on the horizon for Ninja and Jeffree Star? Pic credit: Ninja/Jeffree Star/YouTube

Is there a collaboration in the works between gaming star Ninja and makeup mogul Jeffree Star? After appearances together on Tik Tok and in a Target, fans want to know what’s up.

On Thursday, Ninja shared a Tik Tok video that featured himself and Jeffree Star singing along and dancing to Lose Control by Meduza x Becky Hill x Goodboys.

Neither of them appeared in the short clip together. Instead, Ninja cut off his part by covering the screen with one of Jeffree’s popular star-shaped mirrors. When the mirror pulled back, it was Jeffree dancing and applying lip gloss.

The caption of the Tik Tok tweet said, “How I think I look in the morning vs how I wish I looked. Does Ninja want to wear makeup and look fabulous like Jeffree Star? His bright blue hair and overall look were giving off some serious Nathan Schwandt vibes.

Then, in another tweet shared by both Ninja and Jeffree Star, the pair were seen inside a Target store, posing with a red shopping cart. The tweet was captioned, “BRB we’re going shopping.”

Are Ninja and Jeffree Star planning something?

Now, are Ninja and Jeffree Star working on some secret project or collaboration together, or is this just a recent hangout that these two decided to share with the world? Right now, that’s not really clear.

However, both Ninja and Jeffree Star have collaborated with quite a few people in the past so, seeing them together really could mean something.

Previous collaborations

Ninja is best known for ditching Twitch to exclusively stream his Fortnite and other gaming content on Microsoft’s Mixer. He also has a deal with Adidas and a new EDM album.

When it comes to Jeffree Star, he’s done many collaborations, mainly makeup related but with a variety of celebrities and makeup brands.

Most recently, he came together with Shane Dawson to make the wildly popular Conspiracy palette. Star has also collaborated with Morphe Brushes to create a Morphe X Jeffree Star palette, brushes, and even a special setting spray exclusive to the brand.

With both Ninja and Jeffree Star being such popular figures and both tend to make great business decisions, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the pair decided to team up.

What they might create is anyone’s guess, but in the past, Jeffree’s collaborations have always been about makeup though he did have a bit of a music career back in the day too.

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