Nina Dobrev and Shaun White go Instagram official with lockdown haircut

nina dobrev and shaun white
Nina Dobrev and Shaun White have finally taken their relationship to Instagram. Pic credit: @nina/Instagram

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White have finally gone Instagram official with their relationship, revealing a fun moment together during the quarantine.

With many businesses closed due to the coronavirus pandemic and individuals being advised to stay home as much as possible, it means things like manicures or haircuts are tougher to get.

Not in the case of Shaun White, thanks to girlfriend Nina Dobrev.

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White go IG official

Since many people are finding their hair is getting out of control during the pandemic, they’ve had to rely on new barbers or stylists to give them a cut, when available.

Luckily for snowboarder Shaun White, his 31-year-old girlfriend Nina Dobrev is around to give him a lockdown haircut.

The former Vampire Diaries star posted a smiling image of herself on her Instagram with shears in hand and White looking terrified of what might happen.

“Adding to resume: hairdresser,” Dobrev captioned the IG series with which also includes a video clip as she reveals how much hair she trimmed from White’s head.

The Instagram lockdown haircut series has now received over 475,000 Likes on Dobrev’s account, which has just a bit under 20 million followers.

Several fans and celebs left comments on the IG post, including recently split-up Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich. “Crushed it,” Hough commented, while Laich asked, “Can you do a mohawk for me?”

White posts about haircut experience

The Instagram photo is the first that Dobrev has posted of her and White together on her page. Rumors initially started back in March that they were dating when they were seen enjoying a bike ride together.

Dobrev wasn’t the only one to post about the haircut experience, as her boyfriend also shared an IG series.

“My hairstylist said he wouldn’t, so she did,” White captioned it with along with the hashtag “Quarantinecuts.”

In a previous IG post, the 33-year-old Olympic gold medalist showed a comparison of his head of hair next to a rooster to let fans know what he was dealing with on his head lately.

The snowboarding star was previously in a relationship with rocker Sarah Barthel back in 2014.

Nina Dobrev was part of a fan-favorite relationship with her Vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder that sparked plenty of rumors over the years. More recently, she was linked with actor and filmmaker Grant Mellon, but the two split up in 2019.

The rest is history as now Nina Dobrev and Shaun White are dating and enjoying each other’s company during lockdown!

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