Nick Cannon says he’s ‘been preparing for coronavirus lockdown for years’

nick cannon prepared for coronavirus pandemic
Nick Cannon was well prepared for the coronavirus pandemic. Pic credit: ©

When it comes to the recent coronavirus pandemic lockdown and recommended health guidelines, TV host Nick Cannon says he’s been preparing for years ahead of all of this.

The host of the popular show The Masked Singer recently gave details on what steps he’s been taking over the years leading up to the recent pandemic.

Nick Cannon’s health battles helped prepare him

Back in 2012, Nick Cannon was diagnosed with lupus. Along with that diagnosis, he’s dealt with a pulmonary embolism and kidney failure. Those health issues have led to him being extra careful with his habits including how he interacts with people, handles himself, and determines what he eats.

“I stopped shaking hands and stopped touching my face and really became one of those people who are really cautious of what I put into my body and how to build up my immune system,” Cannon said in a SAG Foundation Conversations interview.

“So when this (COVID-19) came along, I was one of those people who was a little bit more prepared than the average person, based off of my eating habits and the awareness of how to strengthen your immune system,” Cannon added.

Cannon, who is the ex-husband of singer Mariah Carey, also said, “It’s like I’ve been training for this time for quite a few years!”

Cannon staying busy, has one disappointment

Even though some people might quickly get bored in lockdown, that’s also not the case for Nick Cannon. He has his hand in many projects which gives him a lot of work.

Not only does he host The Masked Singer on FOX, but he also hosts his own nationally syndicated radio program called Nick Cannon Radio.

He recently posted on his Instagram that he was going to “keep working and minding my business.” The post also indicated that Cannon has the No. 1 radio show after winning a key demographic in their first affiliate market.

However, while the actor, rapper, and TV host was adequately prepared for the coronavirus pandemic and resulting safety guidelines, he’s still encountered a disappointing part of the lockdown. That involves his college graduation ceremony or lack thereof.

He mentioned in his interview that he “started at Howard at 2016 and there was always the goal to walk across the stage in 2020.”

Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, almost all graduation ceremonies were unable to go forth as they normally would, so Cannon couldn’t fulfill that particular goal of his.

However, he added that he plans to pursue further education by going for a master’s degree and possibly a Ph.D. after that. That could mean there are graduations in the future that Nick Cannon will officially participate in.

Either way, it’s clear Nick Cannon was well prepared to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, health guidelines, and being in lockdown for his safety.

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