Neil Patrick Harris explains why Barney won’t show up in How I Met Your Father

2018 Creative Arts Emmys Awards.
How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris will not be appearing on the new Hulu show How I Met Your Father. Pic credit: ©

Neil Patrick Harris has announced that he will not be making an appearance on the new Hulu sitcom How I Met Your Father.

For nine seasons, Neil Patrick Harris played womanizer Barney Stinson on the hit CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, which also starred Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, and Josh Radnor about a group of friends in New York City.

Neil Patrick Harris was nominated for four Emmys for his performance as the ladies’ man.

The Doogie Howser, M.D. star, 48, recently opened up in a recent newsletter to a star of the new show and explained why we wouldn’t be seeing him reprise the role anytime soon, and for good reason.

What did Neil Patrick Harris say about why he’s not in the show?

In a recent issue of the actor’s Wondercade newsletter, Neil Patrick Harris was asked by How I Met Your Father star Hilary Duff if the actor would ever consider reprising the role in the reboot.

But Neil Patrick Harris was quick to shut down the possibility that he’ll play the character again.

“As for coming on your show (insert joke here), I worry,” he stated.

He also added, “Barney’s antics, his overt delusions of grandeur, would likely get everyone in trouble. So, unless he’s changed his ways or joined a nunnery (insert an insert joke here), not sure if it’s in anyone’s best interest.”

Indeed, with the #MeToo movement that began in 2006, it’s very likely that some of Barney’s shenanigans would not be as humorous as they were on How I Met Your Mother.

Hilary Duff chimed in, “I’m not sure how you feel about this, but I’m pretty sure Barney would … be in jail in 2022.”

What is Neil Patrick Harris currently working on?

In October 2021, the Gone Girl star launched a weekly lifestyle newsletter called Wondercade.

Using the passions and interests of Harris, his family, and his friends for inspiration, it discusses art, entertaining, travel, food, and anything else that piques his interest. Readers can look forward to a new issue every Wednesday with meal and cocktail recipes, travel destination profiles, as well as cameos and interviews with interesting people in his orbit.

In his announcement, Harris stated, “At Wondercade, our mission statement is that life should be entertaining. I’m excited to give you a little window into my world, and remind you (yet again) that a life spent in good company is a life well-lived.”

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