Morgan Stewart’s boyfriend is Dr. Phil’s son Jordan McGraw: Age difference notable or not?

E! host Morgan Stewart confirms that she's dating Jordan McGraw
E! host Morgan Stewart and Dr. Phil’s son, Jordan McGraw are dating. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/carrie-nelson/admedia

We just learned some news about E! Network’s Morgan Stewart and Dr. Phil’s son, Jordan McGraw.

The two have reportedly been dating for the past three months, and Morgan confirmed the news on Instagram live yesterday.

According to People, the E! Nightly Pop co-host shared in the video that this isn’t the couple’s first attempt at dating.

“We dated 10 years ago for a year, and then he broke up because he was like, ‘I’m not down with you, bi*ch,'” Adding “And then I was like ‘Fine, whatever, I’m over you, I don’t care.’ And then I went on obviously to have another relationship.”

Morgan continued, “Then the past year we got back together. Isn’t that cute?… He was persistent and I was like, ‘all right.'”

Morgan and McGraw are close in age

The E! host is 32, and the singer, who is Dr. Phil McGraw’s younger son, is 34.

Morgan hasn’t posted any photos of the two on her main feed. However, Jordan appeared in her Instagram Live video and several of her Instagram stories.

McGraw, on the other hand, has a photo of them from three weeks ago, and the couple appears to be celebrating some sort of event in Paris, France.

Morgan left a comment on the cute photo saying, “Hey old friend.”

This is the first relationship that Morgan has confirmed since filing for divorce from her husband, Brendan Fitzpatrick, in 2019.

We first came to know Brendan and Morgan when they appeared in the short-lived reality show, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

The two were dating when the show premiered, and in 2016, their elaborate wedding was featured on the show.

After Rich Kids was canceled, Stewart became a host at the E! Network. In 2019, rumors started to circulate that she was having an inappropriate relationship with a former network executive, Bryce Kristensen.

Morgan and Kristensen, who were both married at the time, denied the allegations, and the exec has since left the Network.

Fans soon started to speculate about Morgan’s marriage

The E! host was often seen without her wedding ring, and she later announced her split from Brendan in a letter on Instagram.

It read, “Brendan and I have spent six wonderful years together, but we have made the difficult decision to go our separate ways…[it] has nothing to do with anything other than two people who sadly grew apart, deciding what’s best for themselves in the next phase of their lives.”

She added,

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the extremely heartfelt and supportive messages so many of you have sent — they have meant the world to me. I will always have a tremendous amount of love and respect for Brendan and our relationship.”

Now, Morgan has put her marriage woes behind her and is happy with her new beau. But, am I the only one curious to know how Dr. Phil feels about this?

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