Millie Bobby Brown responds to Hunter Echo Ecimovic’s ‘dishonest’ comments

Millie Bobby Brown (left) has issued a statement following Hunter’s relationship claims on Instagram. Pic credit: Millie Bobby Brown/Instagram/Hunter Echo/TikTok.

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has responded to Hunter Echo Ecimovic viral comments about their alleged relationship.

The TikToker, who goes by the name Hunter Echo, made several lewd comments during an Instagram Live about an alleged relationship with the actress in 2020 when she was 16 and he was 20.

Millie Bobby Brown representatives have hit back at Hunter, describing his comments about their relationship as “dishonest” in a statement:

“Mr. Ecimovic’s remarks on social media are not only dishonest but also are irresponsible, offensive and hateful,” the statement reads, continuing with a threat to follow through with legal action:

“Instead of engaging in a public discourse with him through the press or on social media, we are taking action to ensure that he stops this behavior once and for all.”

The statement does not specify which comments made by the TikTok star were dishonest.

Hunter Ecimovic, 21, made several graphic comments detailing the sexual acts that he claims occurred between himself and the then 16-year-old actress.

Seemingly in response to comments about their age gap during the Instagram Live session, Hunter referred to himself as a “groomer” and added, “I know I groomed her.”

He claims that the British actress’s parents knew about their alleged relationship and claims he lived with her for eight months.

The legal age of consent in California is 18. Furthermore, TMZ says their law enforcement sources did not have any information about an ongoing investigation.

The defiant TikTok star told his Instagram Live audience he would “never apologize” after receiving backlash during the Livestream. His Instagram account has since been deleted for unknown reasons.

Hunter Echo releases an apology video

Hunter Ecimovic released a video on TikTok apologizing for the controversial Instagram live video.

The 21-year-old claims that his alcohol consumption during the Livestream and the negative comments were to blame for his lewd comments about Millie Bobby Brown.

In the TikTok video, which you can watch above, he claims the “stories that are completely not correct” and that it has all been “fabricated” however, he didn’t specify what reports he says were false.

In the comment section under the TikTok apology video, he denies grooming the actress:

“4 years isn’t a big deal. I never groomed her. I never put pressure on her to like me? So crazy how you guys care about other people’s lives this much.”

 He adds a second comment in which he repeats his claim that Millie’s parents knew about the relationship.

“It was consensual on both parts. Her parents approved of everything. I was living under their roof.”

via Hunter_Ech0 TikTok

Millie is currently dating Jon Bon Jovi’s 19-year-old son, Jake Bongiovi. The actress has not addressed Hunter or any of his claims on any of her social media platforms.

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2 years ago

Hunter Echo is a pig. He got caught and now blaming alcohol. Live streaming is not being fabricated. go away and log off forever. What is worse or just as horrible are the people laughing about it. Disgusting.