Mike Tyson on video punching plane passenger repeatedly in the face

Mike Tyson plane fight
Mike Tyson is a marijuana entrepreneur following his boxing career. Pic credit: ©

Mike Tyson is seen repeatedly punching an airplane passenger in a wild video.

The former boxing heavyweight champion frequently promotes marijuana and psychedelics for their mental health benefits.

The 55-year-old left from San Francisco International Airport to Florida on Wednesday on a JetBlue plane before the in-flight scuffle.

Mike Tyson reportedly harassed before the beatdown

The video shows a man talking to Mike Tyson from the seat behind while his friend record.

According to TMZ, a witness on the plane said he and his friend were boarding the flight, and Tyson was friendly with them and the other passengers.

The witness said the Boxing Hall of Famer took a selfie with him and exercised patience with his friend, who continued to talk to Tyson while sitting behind him.  

The publication says the witness told him that Tyson warned the man in the video to stop harassing him but continued, which led to the barrage of punches.

In the video, Tyson is seen standing up and throwing several punches at the man who appeared to be speaking in the seat behind him before the altercation started.

Tyson reportedly left the plane after punching the man in the video. The man shows the lacerations on his face as the man recording claims he asked for an autograph before Tyson reacted.

He reportedly received medical attention and spoke to the police. However, it is unclear whether any criminal or civil charges have been filed following the incident.

The man being punched by Mike Tyson is identified

Mike Tyson reportedly punched Melvin Townsend III, who has a lengthy criminal record.

He is 36-year-old and has convictions, which include: convicted of fraud, grand theft, burglary, possession of controlled substances, and trafficking in stolen property, per TMZ.

He has served up to 20 months in prison and was once arrested for stealing a trailer that he hitched to his vehicle.

After leaving the plane, Tyson and Townsend spoke to the police, and he reportedly decided not to press charges.

UFC president Dana White reacted to the Tyson plane video with advice on how to treat for former boxing champion in a plane.

“Hey dummies, for future reference, this is how you stay alive when bumping into @miketyson on an airplane..”

Mike Tyson returned to the boxing ring in 2020 for an exhibition fight against former four-division world champion Roy Jones Jr.

It was a blockbuster event, with both fighters reportedly earning millions. Although most observers had Tyson winning the eight-round event, the fight was scored a draw.

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