Michael Strahan booed by fans for controversial take on live TV

Michael Strahan on FOX NFL Sunday
Michael Strahan talked about the NFL’s top team on FOX NFL Sunday. Pic credit: Fox

Michael Strahan is generally considered a popular television personality as he co-hosts Good Morning America and hosts The $100,000 Pyramid on ABC.

Thanks to that and his football career, Strahan has amassed plenty of fans, as he played 14 years with the New York Giants.

However, during those days, other teams’ fans also rooted heavily against him and his team, and many still do.

As he’s become a regular on TV, there are those who support the former Giants star and others who will let him know when they disagree.

That happened for the GMA co-host, although during another job he has on live TV.

Strahan was recently booed during an episode of Fox’s television program covering the NFL as he delivered comments some of the crowd didn’t like.

Strahan is back on live TV with ABC and Fox

After missing nearly three weeks of his live TV appearances for “personal family matters,” Michael Strahan returned for ABC’s GMA.

He co-hosts episodes of the morning program throughout the week, usually alongside Robin Roberts and George Stephanopolous.

On Sundays, Strahan appears at his other live television job, Fox NFL Sunday, where he helps cover the NFL games on the schedule as an analyst.

Strahan appeared outdoors in Manhattan, New York, on a special episode for Thanksgiving.

The former Giants star was joined by the other regulars, including host Curt Menefee and analysts Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Rob Gronkowski, and Jimmie Johnson.

During one segment of the show, Strahan was asked for his analysis of the league’s best team in terms of overall record, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Some fans and analysts consider them favorites to win this year’s Super Bowl, as they’ve been able to come back to win in multiple games and have lost just one game so far.

Ahead of the Eagles’ matchup this past Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, Strahan said that Philadelphia “haven’t played their best football” this season.

Strahan’s take on live TV was met with boos from audience member

“They’re being led by the offense, which is unusual to what we’ve seen in the past,” Strahan said, as previous Eagles teams had strong defensive units.

Strahan also mentioned how Eagles running back De’Andre Swift and A.J. Brown brought “a new dimension” to the team’s offense.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer called the Eagles “kinda middle of the road” regarding their defense this season.

“For Philadelphia, they have a tough schedule as well. The game against Buffalo isn’t a cakewalk,” he said.

Strahan also mentioned the Eagles’ upcoming games against the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys.

“Once they put it all together, and hopefully with all the injuries that are no longer in their defensive backfield, their defense will be where it was before,” Strahan remarked.

Following his remarks, there were audible boos heard from some of the crowd members. There were fans in the audience shown wearing various NFL teams’ jerseys, and it may have been Eagles fans unhappy with the critical comments.

It’s also possible there were fans of other teams, including Strahan’s New York Giants, that didn’t like him offering some praise for Philadelphia.

Strahan’s colleague also booed during live show

Strahan wasn’t the only one who delivered some hot or controversial takes on Fox NFL Sunday. His colleague Rob Gronkowski spoke about the New England Patriots’ previous Super Bowl matchups against the Giants.

He told Strahan that he and the Patriots hated their division rivals, the New York Jets, for “about a decade” and that there was more of a “respected type of rivalry” when the Patriots played the Giants.

Gronk then spoke about how the Patriots wanted redemption over their 2007 Super Bowl loss to the Giants, and he felt they would’ve got it if not for one thing.

“I wasn’t even on that [2007] team, and I wanted redemption. And then we had our chance for redemption, and you guys somehow squashed us once again,” Gronk said.

Strahan added, “2011” the year he won a Super Bowl with the Giants.

“That’s because I had a broken ankle when I played in that game. If my ankle wasn’t broken, we would’ve won and gotten redemption from the 07′ Super Bowl,” Gronk shouted over a mix of cheers and boos.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, buddy,” Strahan said, dismissing Gronk’s claim.

While he and the Pats didn’t get that redemption, he can still claim to have won more Super Bowl rings than his colleague Strahan. Gronk has four rings compared to Strahan’s one, but the Patriots also had a legendary QB, Tom Brady.

Viewers can catch Strahan at his various TV appearances throughout the weeks, including ABC’s GMA on weekdays, Fox NFL Sunday on Sundays, and The $100,000 Pyramid episodes on Wednesdays.

In addition, Strahan appears as a guest in an episode of Swizz Beatz’s recently debuted show Drive with Swizz Beatz, which is currently available for streaming on Hulu.

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