Michael Jackson’s mom Katherine says Leaving Neverland accuser Wade Robson is ‘lying through his teeth’

Katherine Jackson on 60 Minutes
Michael Jackson’s mom Katherine accuses Wade Robson of lying. Pic credit: 60 Minutes Australia/YouTube

Michael Jackson’s mom, Katherine, has said she is certain that Leaving Neverland accuser Wade Robson is lying. Katherine made the assertion during an interview on 60 Minutes Australia in which she talked about her late son, the pop superstar Michael Jackson and the challenges of raising his children, Paris, Prince and Blanket.

She said raising them on her own was harder than rising her nine sons, including Michael.

“Today it’s a little more difficult than it was in the day I raised my kids,” the 83-year-old Jackson family matriarch said, “It’s a little more harder, because the world changed a lot.”

Katherine then lamented that Michael’s untimely death has “caused problems in a lot of ways.”

The interviewer then pressed her to comment specifically about the sexual abuse allegations against her late son.

Referring to the court cases after the allegations were made when Michael was alive and the new claims made in HBO’s Leaving Neverland documentary after MJ’s death, Katherine said she knew from the beginning that Michael was innocent and that the families that accused him of child sex abuse were lying.

“It was hard on me because I knew all the time that Michael didn’t do it. I had no doubt,” she said. “I know he didn’t do it — both families lied.”

She claimed that Wade Robson lied about what happened because he wanted a share of Michael Jackson’s estate.

“Wade Robson is lying through his teeth and he knows it,” Katherine said. “And anybody can say it that knows it, knows Michael. Wade knows better. Wade just wants money.”

Katherine’s latest denials and defense of her deceased son come after Michael Jackson’s estate announced it is suing HBO for $100 million over the Leaving Neverland documentary. The family of the late pop star say they have “overwhelming evidence” that Robson is lying but they have so far not shared the evidence they claim to have.

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