Mia St. John: Who is Kristoff St. John’s ex-wife and what happened to their son Julian?

Mia St. John has lost a lot in the last few years
Mia St. John has lost a lot in the last few years. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/admedia

Mia St. John has suffered unimaginable tragedy in her life. With the loss of her son to suicide in 2014 and the recent news that her ex-husband, Kristoff St. John was found dead yesterday, there are a lot of questions about who she is and what she does.

Being a professional boxer is what Mia St. John is known for in the professional world. She began boxing in 1997 and after 65 matches, she ended with 49 wins, 14 losses, and two draws. Her record speaks for her strength and determination.

Marriage to Kristoff St. John

In 1991, Mia St. John was married to Kristoff St. John. The two had welcomed a son in 1989 and named him Julian. Just one year after they tied the knot, the St. John’s welcomed their daughter Paris.

While their marriage only lasted for four years, the couple remained close as they parented their two children. Mia was working on her boxing career, and Kristoff was appearing on The Young and the Restless as Neil Winters. By all accounts, things seemed to be going well as they both continued on with their lives.

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What happened to Julian St. John?

In November of 2014, Julian St. John died by suicide. He was in a mental health facility at the time of his passing, and the entire event took a toll on Mia St. John and Kristoff St. John. They both fought to learn the truth about what actually happened to Julian while he was in the facility and the factors leading up to the suicide.

Julian St. John had reportedly battled mental illness for years leading up to the unimaginable tragedy. As Mia and Kristoff worked through what happened, both reached out on social media to tell their story. They were determined to change things in the mental health world for their son.

Now, Mia St. John is left to fight on for her son alone. Kristoff St. John was found dead in his home yesterday morning. The cause of death has not been determined, and it is rumored that alcohol may have played a role.

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