Mel B slams James Corden and Geri Halliwell as worst celebrities she’s met

Mel B attends America's Got Talent live show, and James Corden poses at the premiere of Mammals
Mel B called out James Corden and Geri Halliwell as the worst celebrities she has ever met. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia/AdMedia

Mel B got candid about the worst celebrities has met throughout her career as a musician and TV personality. She didn’t hold back when she pointed out both James Corden and Geri Halliwell as two of them.

She made the declaration during an interview on December 1, 2022. Her inclusion of Halliwell was surprising, considering that the two are bandmates in the Spice Girls.

Mel B clarified that she does care deeply for her bandmate. However, she admitted that she truly finds Halliwell to be very “annoying.”

While she reiterated her love of Halliwell despite finding her annoying, she didn’t do the same for Corden. Though she has appeared before on Corden’s talk show, The Late Late Show, she seemingly did not have a good experience.

She called out Corden by calling him the “biggest d**khead” she has ever met. She later expanded on her harsh words by clarifying that Corden is not “very nice.”

While she didn’t go into detail, she stated, “I think you always have to be nice to the people that you work with whether it be production, camera guys, sound, lighting. We all work for the same thing, so you should always be nice and he hasn’t been very nice.”

Mel B isn’t the only one who thinks James Corden isn’t nice

Mel B’s comments seemed to insinuate that Corden doesn’t treat his workers nicely. Particularly, she mentioned those who work behind the scenes rather than starring in the production.

It isn’t the first time Corden has been accused of being unkind to workers. Back in October, he made headlines after a New York restaurant banned him for his treatment of the staff.

Keith McNally, the owner of the New York restaurant Balthazar, had a particular bone to pick with Corden after the star dined at his restaurant. The experience was allegedly so bad that McNally took to social media to slam the TV show host.

McNally went as far as to call Corden the “most abusive customer” he had in the restaurant’s 25-year history. His post was the result of two incidents involving Corden.

In the first, Corden reportedly found a hair in his food and demanded that the staff give them a second round of drinks and “take care of” all of their drinks so far. He also allegedly threatened to write bad reviews about the restaurant.

On October 9, Corden returned to the restaurant for brunch with his wife. Upon discovering that there were some egg whites in his wife’s egg yolk omelet, he sent it back.

However, when the staff came out with a newly-made omelet, they accidentally paired it with fries instead of a salad, causing Corden to fly into a rage and berate the workers for not knowing how to do their jobs. The food was sent back a third time and prepared again, and Corden calmed down once the manager appeared but reportedly treated the server terribly.

Corden responded to restaurant ban with apology

After McNally’s post circulated, Corden addressed it on an episode of The Late Late Show. In it, he insisted that the situation had been exaggerated.

He denied shouting, yelling, or causing a big ruckus in the restaurant. According to him, he did make a single rude comment in the “heat of the moment” due to his wife being allergic to egg whites.

Hence, he apologized for making a rude comment but still denied most of McNally’s account. This resulted in McNally initially accepting Corden’s apology but later rescinding his forgiveness and criticizing Corden for insinuating his staff had lied about the incident.

McNally posted a few more posts with intentions to forgive Corden and his acknowledgment that everyone makes mistakes. However, his final post about the situation revealed that he was “giving up” on Corden and angry that he still refused to admit to any wrongdoing.

Other reports of Corden allegedly being entitled and having a “diva-like” attitude have swirled on social media, especially from Redditors who claimed to be former staff of Corden or to have met him. However, their reports are largely unconfirmed.

Corden hasn’t responded to Mel B’s comments, but they are bound to draw attention, considering the restaurant debacle only just ended recently.

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