Meghan Markle ‘wears the pants’ in the house, Prince Harry is ‘not an alpha male’ royal watcher claims

Meghan Markle “wears the pants” in her relationship with Harry, royal watcher claimed. Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry is losing his “alpha male” status and it appears that Meghan Markle is “wearing the pants” in their relationship, a royal watcher has claimed.

Journalist Danny Kelly’s comments mocking Prince Harry were prompted by Meghan Markle’s recent birthday video in which Harry appeared in the background. The video shows Harry juggling balls in the garden and waving through the window while Meghan announced her new 40×40 initiative.

According to Express, Kelly told GB News that Meghan and Harry were going “totally woke” and that he was “slightly disappointed” that Harry allowed himself to be portrayed in a manner that belittled him while his wife held court indoors.

“I’m slightly disappointed because she (Meghan) definitely wears the trousers in the relationship,” Kelly said. “He’s not an alpha male, he used to be an alpha male, he no longer is… jumping out of helicopters with machine guns.”

“Now he’s in the background waving through a window while Meghan does this two-minute video,” he added.

Prince Harry slammed for flying around in private jets

Kelly went on to criticize Harry for flying around in private jets despite his public posturing as an advocate for the environment.

“He flies back in a private plane! The guy has no concept of public awareness,” Kelly said. “If he wants us to commute less, please you’ve got to be aware of what we perceive and you are jetting back on a £200,000 private charter.”

“People are just going to say, ‘what’s the point of me putting my recycling out every week?'” the royal commentator added, according to Express.

Meghan Markle is ‘controlling,’ won’t let Harry reconcile with Royal Family

The latest claim that Meghan “wears the pants” in the house and that Harry is not an “alpha male” comes after royal expert Angela Levin claimed that Harry will never reconcile with his family because “controlling” Meghan won’t let him.

Levin claimed there was no end in sight to the Royal Family’s Megxit rift due to Meghan’s “controlling” influence over Harry.

She claimed that Meghan was preventing Harry from mending fences with Prince William. She added that Harry needs Meghan’s permission to reconcile with his family and she won’t give it.

“I think he can’t do anything without his wife agreeing [to] it and telling him and instructing him what to do at the moment,” Levin concluded.

A royal commentator also claimed that Meghan’s book, The Bench, was not written for children but to instruct Harry on parenting.

Meghan tells Harry what to do

Daily Mail columnist Bel Mooney described Meghan as a “bossy narrator” who tells Harry what to do and then watches to ensure he “obeys her instructions.”

“Throughout these pages, the rather bossy narrator is telling Dad what to do, and watches with ‘tears of joy’ from the window as he obeys her instructions,” Mooney wrote.

Mooney claimed Meghan admitted her book was not written for children but Harry when she said the inspiration to write came from “a poem I wrote for my husband on Father’s Day, the month after Archie was born.”

“The Bench is not for children at all, but for husband, Harry,” Mooney concluded.

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