Meghan Markle ‘wants to be the Queen,’ says a Royal author

Meghan Markle at a random event.
A Royal author alleges that Meghan Markle wants to be the Queen. Pic credit: ©

Meghan Markle is trying to reinvent herself after having a disastrous year last year.

The duchess did not become a spokesperson for the haute clothing house Dior and has been advised to wait to write her memoir.

Meghan and her famous husband, Prince Harry, have not had the easy transition from working royals to the regular life they had predicted.

The couple’s more liked brother and sister-in-law, Prince William and Kate Middleton, have the popularity that Meghan strives for and is not getting.

Royal insider and author of Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors, Tom Bower, has expressed his thoughts on the matter.

Harry and Meghan are the fifth in line for the throne, and a lot would have to happen before she became Queen. Prince William and his three children are the following four before Harry.

This has not dampened Meghan’s jealousy and desire to be like Kate Middleton, who will one day be Queen.

Meghan Markle ‘cannot win’ according to Tom Bower

Meghan Markle “wants to be the Queen,” Tom Bower has revealed in an interview with Closer, according to The Daily Express.

“Kate Middleton has everything she wants,” he told the magazine.

Tom says of Meghan, “Everything she tries undermines her status, and instead of returning to the privacy she said she needed — and why she had to leave Britain — every time she steps out into the spotlight, she loses a bit more. She just cannot win.”

Kate Middleton’s popularity has risen while Megahn is stuck trying to reinvent her acting career with ads on social media. This change from the Duchess of Sussex to a girl in an office in the Clevr Blends ad did not go over well with fans.

Kate will be Queen one day if all goes according to plan and Meghan is still estranged from her royal inlaws. Nothing has seemed to repair the broken relationships with Harry’s family.

Harry and Meghan did not holiday in the United Kingdom

Despite a phone call to King Charles for his 75th birthday, things did not thaw enough between Harry and his family to spend Christmas together.

People Magazine has reported that Harry and Meghan took their children, Archie and Lilibet, to Costa Rica for a vacation in December.

Expert predictions that William and Kate would refuse to celebrate Christmas with Harry and Meghan did come true.

With almost an entire year until next Christmas, maybe Meghan can tamper down some of the alleged jealousy and make peace with Kate so they can all enjoy some family time.

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1 month ago

I pray to God that King Charles does not let them come back to the family. If he does the kingdom will fall. I hope he not stupid enough to it.

1 month ago

I don’t know why this jealousy keeps popping up. I think Megan is much more open than a great mother and wife.that enjoys cooking and caring for her family.Katherine is the one changing her life with a change in there come and some quality time with her Children.